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    Saturday, July 4, 2009


    I'm closing this blog.

    Only because I'm starting a better one.

    I'll keep this open so I can follow you guys again from that one.

    Friday, June 19, 2009


    I have a tag for you guys.

    How do you organize your accessories?

    I have a lot of accessories, probably more than clothes. Accesories as in, scarves, belts, hats, jewelry etc. I have no idea how to organize them.

    If you have a special way to organize your closet feel free to share some pointers.

    I TAG YOU TO take a picture of your closet space. Share the wealth ladies.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Despite it all

    I've been really really sick. I had some type of flu (don't worry it's not swine) and now it seems that I have bronchitis. I mean, I've been bad, sore throat, high fevers, loss of appetite.

    Despite it all I feel amazing right now.

    Went out with my girls today, didn't buy anything, just walked around the mall and talked in the food court. It's always a good day with them I truly am thankful for them.

    Right now I feel like I'm on top of the world. It's on of those nights. I feel like everything is gonna be okay.

    Okay, enough with that. I'm broke, I need a job and of course when I'm broke I wanna buy everythannnnggg. Here's my list.


    Okay ladies, see this gray short sleeve cardigan, i want one in hot pink. I saw a girl with one on today and I fell in love. PLEASE HELP! Where can i find one? I've checked F21 and Wetseal and Gojane and no luck! I want it to look exactly like the one in the pic. I asked her where she got it from and she was being a little hooch and didnt wanna tell me. Threatened much?






    How cute is this? It's a necklace holder!
    Of course there's so much more but these are just the essentials for me right now. Ahh. I need to shop.
    I know I still owe you guys haul pics and pics from Miami, little by little ladies, little by little I promise.
    OMG I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION: My friend lent me Gossip Girl season 1 on dvd the other day. I watched it all. I'm obsessed. Gonna watch season 2 online now. I understand why you girls love it so much!!!!!!!!!! Team Blaire!!

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Starting Over

    Hey Lovelies,

    I know you all probably hate me by now for the serious lack of commitment I have with this blog. I've decided to start over and really commit to this blog thing again. I miss reading my fav blogs and ranting and posting my hauls. I promise I'll have this thing up and running again very very soon.

    To answer some questions, The tattoo is on the back of my neck and YES! I did get it done in Miami ink! Expensive as hell and not worth it unless you're doing it for the experience. Blah!

    I really do miss blogging. I need some layout suggestions and stuff this plain stuff is boring am i right?

    Rai! I miss you, I feel like blogging kept us connected and I've lost you. I'll be back girl I promise, tomorrow or sometime this week.

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    My new baby and random other pics

    This is it immediately after it was done. All gross and swollen looking lol.

    Three days after.

    Random Pics:

    I don't have much of an update today. Just wanted to show my blog some love. I need a joooob!
    To answer Rai's question. I have no idea! Any suggestions?

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    Beauty Advice

    I'm in desperate need of new brushes

    Any suggestions?

    I found these really nice pretty pink brushes on Ebay. They're gorgeous but they're made of goat hair and idk if thats a good thing or not lol.

    I'm on a tight budget cuz I wanna buy some stuff from the MAC Style Warriors collection.


    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Blogging from Flo-rida

    Hi guys! I've neglected my blog. I just wanted to remind you all that I lovelovelove you all. Florida is good and I hope you're all enjoying your week.

    If you haven't already please get Twitter, I have a twitter application on my blackberry so it's so much easier to use and it's become like my AIM. I was very anti- twitter before but I love it now. Consider it bloggers I would love to speak to you guys on twitter.

    Well, just wanted to do a quick update Here are some new/exciting things

    -My hair is now strawberry blonde
    -I'm going to Miami ink tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a tat
    -I finally had sonic
    - I am in love with my blackberry curve.
    -The boyfriend and I are doing much better. This time apart stuff really works
    -I have so many goals for the summer
    -I've decided to make a personal blog! yay!

    If you decided to create a twitter account add me my link is


    Wednesday, May 20, 2009


    Has anyone been on vacation or on a plane lately? I 'm only taking a carry-on bag with me to florida but I'm scared because my makeup bag will be in there along with my 120 pallete...Anyone know if makeup is allowed on carryon?


    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Oh lordy lordy

    Okay so in the midst of all this chaos I forgot to mention, I ordered myself a blackberry! So if you have one, email me you're BBM pin and I'll request you. My email is

    Things have taken a turn for the best I guess you can say.

    1st- me and Danny have decided to stay together and try to work things out and make some major changes.

    2nd- I may not be getting kicked out of school! My grades were good this semester and even though they're having some issues I think God is gonna help me out in this one.

    3rd- I've been out this entire week with friends. it feels so good to just be, me.

    I'm just loving life right now and I'm just sooooo thankful for all the blessings God gave me, pretty much overnight. I was miserable and I felt like things couldn't get worse and when I woke up yesterday morning everything was different.

    Thank you so much to ALL my subscribers, even my new ones for the great support. You all are just so amazing and I appreciate each and everyone. If I haven't followed you yet its because I usually blog from my old phone and it doesnt let me click certain links but I believe the blackberry will so I'll get to it when it gets here.

    I leave for Florida in a few days so I have to get ready and pack.

    I feel like I'm on top of the world.

    P.S- It feels good to get all of this personal stuff off my chest so I'm thinking of doing what Julisa did and adding a personal blog and keeping this one exclusively for fashion and makeup (which I know I've slacked on BIG TIME! sorry =/) If you think I should let me know. Leavee me some love.

    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Well guys, I'm single.

    Why is this so hard? Im hurting and he doesn't care at all. It should be so easy, knowing that he doesnt deserve me and mistreats me but all I want is to hear him say he's sorry and that he'll change.

    It's not gonna happen.

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    Today's my Anniversary....

    I'll be spending it alone.

    This song = how I'm feeling

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Shitty People.

    Thanks for all the love and support ladies. Yesterday was his birthday, I asked him what he wanted and he said workout equipment. I got him weights and I could see the disappointment in his eyes. Whatever, cant please everyone right? If he was expecting something else he shouldve been more specific.

    Tomorrow is our anniversary. As you can see I'm not too excited. Idk.

    Anyway, I went out with my two friends from elementry school yesterday. I missed them. We had so much fun. I barely remember what it's like to hang out with girls but it was great and I really hope we do it more. I need more GIRL friends.

    I cant possible sit home all summer. It's depressing. I need a summer job.

    I'm in a bad mood so I'm gonna rant as much as I don't like to make this blog personal. What the hell right?

    I think I'm an amazing friend. I hate to sound cocky but hey, I give credit where credit is due. It doesnt matter what time of day it is if you need me I'm there. I've been known to be the first to know about pregnancies, life changing events, relationship know...all that good stuff because people feel like they can trust me, which I love. I've been known to fix relationships, bring people together, leave my house at 3am just to help a friend. What bothers me is....why can't that ever be reciprocated. My friends are only interested in my life when it can benefit them. Have you ever had this happen?

    Shitty Friend: Hey whatsup, what are you doing today?
    Me: Nothing I'm free, wanna chill?
    Shitty Friend: Actually I was gonna ask if you wanted to come with me to wash clothes cuz I don't wanna go alone.

    True story guys. I'm going through a lot of shit in my life I just need a friend to talk to and I have no one to turn to because everyone is so wrapped up in their new boyfriend or their job and things like that which is fine but I have things going on in my life too and I make time for everyone.

    I have a lot of shitty people in my life.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009


    My my have I been slacking. I've lost my blogger inspiration =/

    Today is the BF's birthday and I still haven't gotten him anything. He is the worst person to shop for gifts for ugh. Saturday is our anniversary too so there's another gift I have to shop for. BLAH

    I moved out of school. Back home with the fam.

    I depotted my UDPP for the first time yesterday. I cannot believe how much primer is left in the bottle. Psh, ripoff.

    I'm not doing too well, life wise but I'm not gonna make this blog personal. Pray for me guys, I need it.

    Saturday, May 2, 2009


    May is always a crazy ass month for me. Here's why

    May 4- 8 = Finals
    May 10= Mothers day!
    May 13= Move out day
    May 14= Danny's birthday
    May 16th= Me and Danny's anniversary
    May 24= my best friends birthday
    May 25= Vacation to Florida

    I don't know if I'll even have time for a break.I need gift ideas guys. For mothers day, danny's birthday, our anniversary and my best friends birthday. Pleasepleaseplease leave me some suggestions.

    What are some of you guys getting your moms for mothers day? My mom is difficult, she's definitely not a typical mom. She doesn't really wear makeup, she has all the perfumes she likes, she never ever has time to go to a salon and whenever we get her a gift card she uses it on someone else. I wanna give her something she'll really enjoy. GAH!

    As far as birthdays and anniversarys, feel free to leave me suggestions for those too.

    I hope you ladies are having an awesome weekend <3

    Monday, April 27, 2009

    You guys make my day <3

    OMG! Okay so I'm in second place right now and you have no idea how much joy that brings to my life haha. Thanks so much to all you ladies (or men idk) who are voting for me <33

    If you haven't voted yet PLEASE do so by clicking here

    The contest is over in 3 days so you definitely have time!

    For some reason I can only type in bold now, silly blogger.

    My weekend was pretty simple. I went to Rutgers with my friend Tasha and my little sis. We went to visit a friend we graduated hs with. Good times.

    I'm in school now, waiting for class to start, everyone's walking around with sunburns since it was a billon degrees, and still is.

    Only 2 WEEKS left until I'm officially on summer vacation. I'm not sure how excited I am about that though. It's gonna be a tough summer.

    How was everyone elses weekend? What went on?

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    I need your help!!

    Please go to and vote for me, Twisted Spice!! She has a poll on the side of her blog so pleasepleaseplease go and vote your little hearts out my precious bloggers <3

    Thanks, love you guys!

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    And another one

    I'm not doing too hot in Miss Yaya's contest =/. Maybe my Batgirl approach wasn't girly enough? Anyway, better luck next time lol Good luck to the winner!


    I decided to enter Whitz World of Makeup's Contest <--Click there and follow her The theme of the contest was to Create your own Spice girl look and my look is called:

    Twisted Spice

    I went with green and purple cuz I felt those were some pretty twisted colors lol. and I wanted to try something different.

    Here's what I used:

    Leave me some love guys!

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009


    Click here

    Follow Miss Yaya's blog she's so entertaining and she always updates on the greatest sales and make sure you vote for me! Every vote counts cuz she's letting bloggers chose their favs so please please please go to her page and leave her a comment saying you vote for me I swear I will love you forever haha!!

    If you already voted for me I LOVE YOU!

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Miss Yaya's Dollie Makeup Contest

    My first Contest AHHHHHH. Keep in mind I'm a newbie.

    My inspiration:

    I loveeee batman so when I saw this I figured...why not.

    The look:

    What I used:

    Urban decay Primer Potion, Various yellows from my 120 palette, liquid liner, XXL mascara, and NYC Natural False lashes (they do not look natural at all)

    So there it is, my first contest entry. Wish me luck and be honest with me, tell me what you think.


    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Makeup talk

    Does anyone know where I can get some MAC pigment samples? I know Fafinettex3 is having a sale but people went crazy and I'm sure there are none left. I notice you ladies are always doing these lovely swaps and care packages and I'd loooove to partake. Rai I'm guessing this post is mostly for you because you always know where to get stuff lol.

    Oh and I've also noticed that NYX is having one of those wonderful lot sales again.

    And the winner is...

    I think it's hard for anyone NOT to love Angelina. I mean...look at her.

    However, I do believe she was wrong and Jennifer Aniston definitely was the victim in the situation. Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous too and I really felt bad when Angelina stole Brad from her. Imagine how Jenn felt. I mean, there's nothing she could've done. Angelina knew what she wanted and Brad obviously felt strongly for Angelina. In the end I think they make a better couple. Angelina is a great actress and Brad is a great actor. Jennifer Aniston...ehh...not so much. She always plays someones girlfriend who eventually gets hurt but ends up with the guy in the end and I agree with what Collette and Rai said, he just seems happier with her and he now has an entire soccer team of kids.

    Team Angelina. Sorry Jenn.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Who do you like better?

    The rival goes far back but I still have to ask...
    Angelina Jolie
    Jennifer Aniston
    I'll post my answer and my stance on the whole situation tomorrow after I see some responses. Let it out ladies.

    I hope everyone had a great easter!

    Okay so I need your help.

    I want to sell my other digital camera. It takes good pictures and is in new condition and I also wanna sell a brand new pair of sneakers that don't fit me.

    Does anyone know where I can sell these things or know anyone who would be interested in buying?

    I do not like using Craigslist, Ebay or anything like that but if you have any suggestions feel free to drop it in a comment.

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Target Haul 04/06/09

    Camwhoring before class lol

    I did some food shopping last night and got some goodies.

    Tresemme Heat Protectant for when I finally do straighten my hair. Good stuff, def get it!!, two nail polishes, one yellow and one black. NYC foundation powder and NYC lip gloss

    (hehe look at my phone in the mirror) I've never used foundation before so I thought maybe I should try it. I'm not exactly sure how to even use it but if you do feel free to leave me pointers. The lip gloss color is called Pink Sand.

    Movies and shopping= great weekend

    I had such a good weekend with my fam. I love going to see them, I really miss living with them sometimes. I miss hanging out with my sister, I miss eating mom's food and hugging her whenever I felt like it, I miss hugging and kissing and playing with my nephews and I miss my dad's corny ass jokes. Its nice going home.

    On Saturday, I did some shopping and went to see Fast and the Furious and I loveloveloved it. I thought it was better than the first and it's a must see but I don't wanna spoil it for any of you. I liked it so much I saw it again on Sunday and I did more shopping.

    From left to right- A black leather vest, Two pairs of E.L.F lashes, an E.L.F blending brush, and a plain white tank to wear under the vest

    My sneakers <33333 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 200px; height: 150px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5322136590450758034" border="0">And the last thing on the far left is a scarf to wear with the black vest and tanktop.

    Good shopping. Good weekend.

    I have a crazy attachment to my family. As soon as they drop me off I miss them so bad I have to remind myself that I'll see them again soon.

    I know I posted twice today, I've slacked so much that I have tons of pics and things to write about so I'm saving them as drafts so I don't overwhelm you guys.

    Leave me some love, I'll post the rest tomorrow.

    Hair diet

    I'm going on week 3 of not straightening my hair. I used to straighten my hair like three times a week (ouch I know right?) Well, I decided I wanted me hair to be healthier and I put my hair on a diet. Here are the rules:

    1- I can only straighten my hair on a special occassion, or once a month.
    2- I can only wash my hair at the very least twice a week. (washing your hair too much dries it out and makes the color fade
    3- Three words HOT OIL TREATMENT! ( I found these amazing instant hot oil treatments by Tresemme) I do them once a week and they make my hair feel so nice and soft.
    4- I've searched for alternatives for my hair since all I used to do is straighten it. I've tried braiding it before sleep and unbraiding it in the morning for waves and recently I stumbled upon...Flexi-rods!!!
    Here's the hot oil treatment. You don't even have to heat it up. You open it up and it heats up on its own. It comes with 3 tubes and it only costed me $3.15 in Harmon Face Values.

    These are the flexi-rods. You take a chunk of your hair, wrap it up in one of these babies and here are the results after just 15 minutes.

    I know I know, they're not good pics but my camera battery died so bare with me. The waves came out amazing and the best part about them is that they aren't damaging my hair.

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    Home for the weekend. I need to spend time with my mom and sis and babies.

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Last night, or I should say this morning, I was wide awake at 2 am just stressed out about a million things. My mind was racing and I was just not in a good mood at all. I was getting frustrated because I just couldn't sleep for the life of me and I kept tossing and turning. I guess he knew I couldn't sleep so he through his arm around my waist and kissed me, while he slept. I asked him about it today and of course he doesn't remember, but I do because I fell asleep right after. Its like he reminded me, "I'm right here, it's ok"

    Sometimes thats all you need right? Some reassurance.

    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Good morning/afternoon/night lovies,

    I decided that I wanna get to know you guys better so if you read my blog pleasee fill out this survey and leave it as a comment. If you don't feel like answering a question leave it blank, its cool. If you don't feel like answering any questions, why are you still reading this?

    Hope you're all having an amazin day.

    Ill start

    My first name is - Ana

    I am- Puerto Rican

    For a living I- am a student

    My job title is- none as of right now

    When I was little I wanted to be- famous

    My biggest fear(s) is/are- mice

    My favorite color(s)- pink and black

    Hobbies- shopping, I spend money like a champ

    Ice cream flavor- strawberry

    Shoes or makeup? Ahh! I guess. No no, makeup...wait no, shoes. Ahh!

    Favorite store(s) to shop: it depends where I am I can shop for clothes almost anywhere some of my favs are Forever21, wet seal, Charlotte Russe, the city and a couple places online.

    Top three favorite tv shows are: I love money, secret life of an american teenager, and any reality show except for the one with Ray J cuz I hate him

    Before I die one goal I want to accomplish is: Be front row in madison square garden during the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania and shake hulk hogans hand.

    I get weak in the knees for: strawberry cheesecake, my boyfriend, and a store full of good sales....sighh

    I absolutely hate: racism, sexism, and waking up at 8am.

    Four items I won't leave the house without: my ipod, phone, wallet, self.

    I feel sexiest: after a long day of grooming or when I know I have a cute outfit on

    All time fav book: Gah! Twilight.

    All time fav movie: its so hard to pick a fav movie, there are so many.

    I can't answer these last two questions but you guys can.

    How do you feel about my blog?

    What can I do to make it more interesting and appealing to you?

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Firstly, let me just say I've decided to keep my twitter so add me

    Secondly, again I'm apologizing for that entry. I think my emotions were the ones typing. I'm a female, what can I say.

    I'm feeling so much better today especially because I found out that this friday I get to reapply for housing for next semester and I'm definitely applying for an apartment. No more hotel for me...well, hopefully. Cross your fingers for me guys, I apply on Friday and I'll let you know when they give me a yes or no. It all depends on the amount of space they have. Picture me, my own apartment. I'm squealing at the though.

    On another note, Once upon a time I had this friend in the beginning of the year. She was easily best friend. I trusted her, we did everything together and it was great. Apparently, I became less interesting to her because A-I didn't get insanely drunk and do things that I regretted and B- I've never cheated cheated on my boyfriend. Once she found people who did these things she began to speak to me less and less. Eventually I realized that I was being used because she started texting me only when she needed someone who was sober so I stopped speaking to her. Almost four months later, today I sent her a text asking her how she was doing and basically saying "lets let bygones be bygones". This was at around one o'clock. It is now five and I haven't gotten a response. Lesson learned, I tried to be the bigger person but it only works when you're dealing with another adult. I tried. Oh well, life goes on.

    I'm off to do some work that I should've already been doing but I felt like coming on here and showing my blog some love.

    I feel like shopping again. Drop me some suggestions of things to get. I've been thinking of doing a wishlist but I'm the worst shopper. I just walk in and head right to the purses, and shoes and walk out. I never know what to buy clothing wise.

    Oh and does anyone else think it's pretty ironic that Rihanna is Covergirls eyemakeup spokesperson? haha

    Monday, March 23, 2009



    Boo luvin'- After a long day of stress or work or school or anything at all laying next to my boyfriend is so amazing. It's great just having someone to come home to and hug and rant about your day while they pour you ice tea and rub lotion on your feet. I know he acts up sometimes but Jesus Christ I love that kid and I know he loves me so of course we hate each other too but little things like showers together or having lunch make my day (along with other things *wink*)

    Getting a lot of stuff done during the day-
    Mondays are the absolute worst for me. I always, only sleep for four or five hours because of how much I dread Mondays. Mondays and Wednesdays I have to wake up at 8 so they're always always sweatpants days for me and I drag myself from class to class. Today I got so many things done and it felt amazing to not worry about being lazy on a dreaded Monday. I was all over campus today, a woman on a mission and I got allll my stuff done and managed to bring me and the bf some amazing food.

    Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini- MSU has so many great things about it, one of them being the food. We have a Cafe' on campus and it is seriously the nicest Cafe' I've ever been in. The walls have these light displays that change colors every five seconds and theres sofas and benches and tables. Its such a great ambiance and of course it smells great. I rarely go in there because A- I don't drink coffee and B- I never have time, I'm always trying to rush back home. Today I went in, and decided to bring te bf some food since he was sick and I stumbled upon the greatestttt thing on earth. Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini with lettuce tomato and chipolte mayo and it's all TOASTED. amazing guys. simply amazing

    Naps- My Psychology professor used to say that naps aren't good for you. They mess with your sleep and meal cycle. BUT i dont care. I love a good nap. It makes me feel refreshed and comfy.


    People who talk at the wrong moments-
    Okay so I took a self defense class today (it was part of my womens studies curriculum) I was dreading it but it turned out to be so helpful and so fun. Everyone was enjoying themselves but of course theres always someone who you have to look at and thing "Are you kidding me?" I feel like theres always a way to go aboout things so you don't bring the wrong attention to yourself. Apparently,some people don't feel the same. The police officer was talking to us and this random girl comes out of nowhere "I was attacked over Spring break when I was in Dominican Republic on vacation.".....Okay. Thanks for telling us. I'm not trying to seem cold hearted or mean but come on, if you needed to tell someone, tell your friends. Its not appropriate to tell a class of 40 people your business. Its not like the cops could help you here.

    Speaking of talking at the wrong moments. I hate when people talk over the tv. If you need to have a conversation please wait until the commercials come on, especially if it doesn't pertain to the show. Me and my boyfriend talk while the tv is on but its always either about the show, important, or during commercials.

    Rude People: While I was waiting for my sandwich today in the Cafe the guy making it asked me and this girl who was there first. I was obviously there first seeing as how I was standing there alone for a good 10 minutes before she got there and I had a reciept but this girl felt the need to not only lie and say she was there first, but also give me attitude like I was out to steal her sandwich. She didn't even have a reciept but yet here she was, acting like the world was gonna end over a sandwich. He ended up giving me my sandwich first and of course there she was talking shit "I was definitely waiting here longer than her" so I gave it to her because I'm not gonna fight a bitch over a sandwich like I wanted to but I was having too good of a day to mess it up over this chick.

    I know I'm slackin cuz I barely got love for my last blog (Thanks mina!) so I'm definitely gonna try harder to get back onto the blog wagon.

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day/night

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    I feel like I've been slackin.

    I haven't felt inspired to blog lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just because I was with my family for a week, hopefully right? I'm back in my nice comfy bed again and it feels good to sit here with the bf typing away on our laptops like an old couple.

    I did some more shopping the day after I posted my last haul but it was nothing major. I bought these sneakers. I don't have a pic to post because I didn't have intentions of blogging tonight and it's 1am so a google pic will have to do. I found these in a local sneaker store and to be honest, I wasn't crazy about them even though I was slightly intrigued. I tried them on and I fell in love. They look great and my bf and sister convinced me that they were worth the buy. I looked under the sneaker to look at the price and imagine my excitement when I saw that they were


    Yes, you read correctly, $25.00. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of them so you can get a better view.

    I also bought a navy blue purse. (pic coming soon)

    I did a decent amount of shopping over the week so I think I'll be saving as much as I can and concentrating on more productive things like school and exercise since I'll be going to spend a week in Florida with my sis. Gotta get the beach bod ready.

    I promise to be a better blogger comment/entry wise this week but in the meantime, how you doin?

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Yet another haul

    Everything altogether.
    Okay so see that zebra bag. It was on clearance in 5-7-9. For $3.00!!! I couldn't resist buying it even though I'm trying to stay away from animal print. Oh and thanks to Rai I got my free Victoria's Secret bag. I love it. I already had two before I got this one. Maybe I'll start a collection.
    Wet Seal was having a 5 for $20.00 sale so me and my BFF decided to split it and she let me get three. They're hooded. The colors are pink, yellow, and purple. Oh and that little bottle on top of the yellow and pink shirt is UDPP (urban decay primer potion). Yayyyy

    Ahh a plain black purse. I have been dying to get a plain black purse for so long and I could never find a decent one with enough pockets and enough space. I finally found it and it was only $17.00 in Easy Pickins.
    A close up of my purse.

    I had so much fun with my best friend but seriously, I'm exhausted. We went to so many different malls trying to find the perfect dress for her because she's going to formal. Other than shopping we went to have dinner in Houlihans and just chilled in her gorgeous apartment.

    The passion in this picture is ridiculous

    Okay I look gross and pale. I havent been feeling well all week. Give me a break.

    Me being silly

    I fell in love with Rutgers. Did I make the wrong choice? lol We shopped, talked, laughed, drove. I wanted to stay forever but I'm back home now. Bloggin from my kitchen. I was only gone a night and everyone was falling apart. sigh.

    I'm on the hunt for the Betsey Johnson perfume. It smells amazing. I went into Sephore about a month ago and smelled it with my mom and fell in love but decided that my money situation wasn't stable enough to splurged $75.00 on perfume so I passed. I went to find it yesterday in Sephora once again and the lady goes "Um we haven't carried that perfume for six months" OHHH okay Sephora lady, I must be losing my mind because I could've sworn SEPHORA was the place I was in when I was inhaling the testing paper. She had the only attitude and looked at me like I had two heads, I really felt like squirting her in the eye with another perfume but I decided to just walk out. I got home a little while ago and checked the Sephora website and they do in fact carry the perfume, they're even selling it for $30.00, it's just sold out at the moment. Ugh.

    My boyfriend was having some serious withdrawal symptoms while I was gone so I'm gonna go see him tomorrow. We both agreed that it's hard sleeping without him hogging the blanket and me talking in my sleep ( don't judge me, it happens when I'm stressed lol)

    Other than that my life is pretty much the same, nothing new. I'm enjoying my spring break and I'm eager to find out what my lovely bloggers have been up to?

    Fill me in <3

    P.S- I wanna get contacts but I'm not sure if they're worth it. Does anyone know around how much I'd pay for some color contacts?