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    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    I feel like I've been slackin.

    I haven't felt inspired to blog lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just because I was with my family for a week, hopefully right? I'm back in my nice comfy bed again and it feels good to sit here with the bf typing away on our laptops like an old couple.

    I did some more shopping the day after I posted my last haul but it was nothing major. I bought these sneakers. I don't have a pic to post because I didn't have intentions of blogging tonight and it's 1am so a google pic will have to do. I found these in a local sneaker store and to be honest, I wasn't crazy about them even though I was slightly intrigued. I tried them on and I fell in love. They look great and my bf and sister convinced me that they were worth the buy. I looked under the sneaker to look at the price and imagine my excitement when I saw that they were


    Yes, you read correctly, $25.00. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of them so you can get a better view.

    I also bought a navy blue purse. (pic coming soon)

    I did a decent amount of shopping over the week so I think I'll be saving as much as I can and concentrating on more productive things like school and exercise since I'll be going to spend a week in Florida with my sis. Gotta get the beach bod ready.

    I promise to be a better blogger comment/entry wise this week but in the meantime, how you doin?

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    1. I hope you do start blogging more soon because I miss reading your posts! lol.. and omg!! $25!! I personally don't like nike's but that's a great price for them!!