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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Small haul

    So I went to Soho yesterday and I was not impressed. I feel like most of the stores had the same kinds of clothing. Besides that I got soooo sick. My head was killing me and somehow I hurt my foot. Ugh it was just no fun at all. I managed to pick up some things though.

    The shoes were 9.99!!! Definitely a steal. The earrings were 5.00 each. The belt was 5.00 also. The black bag is reversible and it has Jack Skellington on the other side. It was 13.00 The leopard print back is what the earrings came in Isnt it cute?
    I'd update more but my BFF is here so I can spend the day with her.
    Love u guys. Fill me in.


    1. Love what you picked up!

      I have those earrings. lol
      Got them from Wet Seal like last year or so.

    2. Sounds like so great bargains. When I go there I find a lot of the same stuff too...Did you only shop around Broadway or everywhere else? I need to go to Soho soon, I haven't been in a while.

    3. hey! you still have 7 hours till the stila sale ends. try scrolling sideways. :]

    4. I love that bag!! Did you get it at Hottopic?

    5. You found some amazing deals especially when you weren't feeling well. Can you imagine if you went back and were feeling great?