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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009


    Ok so everyone is talking about this whole Twitter phenomenon I decided to see what all the hype is's pretty cool. Kinda like facebook actually. Anyone on here on twitter? leave me ur name and I'll add u.

    ugh like I need anything else to be addicted to.

    I'm stuck in class for three hours for the time being but when I get back to my room I'll post some pics I took today and fill u guys in on how the weekend was. Until then, fill me was your weekend?


    1. I don't plan on making a Twitter.
      There seems to be this big crazed over it.

      My weekend was wack! lol
      Looking forward to next week.

    2. i keep hearing about twitter. but im already addicted to this shit, facebook, and myspace. okay well not so much myspace, i can go days without checking it and be JUST FINE lol. but i think twitter would be one more thing to add to my "why im not such a productive employee" list and i dont need any more shennanigans to be a part of lol

      *still thinking of checking out twitter when i know better*

    3. Aaw, my god that was so sweet! I was tearing up a little bit!! thanks so much for your kind words, i was a little bit nervous to unveil it, but youve definitely given me confidence!!

      and yeah, lets all be kids again and accessorise our outfits with grass stains ;)


    4. Rai- twitter is all over the news people are really exaggerating it because it really is nothing special.

      Bella- I decided to try it out to see what the fuss is about. So far to me it just seems like facebook. You just update your status a couple times a day and people respond to it. I think we could do without it but I'll keep mine in case anyone else decides to join.

      Ms M- You should have confidence! Your article made me feel like I was actually reading a magazine!

    5. lol. That's why I'm not bothering to make one.
      Even got celebs twittering!
      Hell, I saw yesterday this news channel has one!!

    6. I def made a twitter yesterday and only cuz I was in my 3 hours class and was bored. I dont see the big hype :( look me up ..mdimplez


    7. i made an account to see what everyone was talking about.. i never go on it tho..
      and yay for pics.. i wanna seeeee lol

    8. I accidently posted it. lol
      Blogger isn't tripping.


    9. I dont think I will get me a twitter.
      facebook has everything I need.
      (satisfied and loyal smile)
      check me out!