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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone is enjoying New Years Eve! As for me, my family doesn't really do anything special today. We wait for the ball to drop at 12 and thats pretty much it for us. My boyfriend stopped by to visit me today because he wanted to see me one more time before 2009 lol. We spent a few hours together and now he's home with his family and I'm home with mine. I went to Target today (yeah I know, I would go to Target on a day that people are spending celebrating and partying lol) I brought a copy of Teen Vogue ( i love teen vogue even though technically I'm not a teen anymore but neither is Lauren Conrad and if she can get away with it then so can I =P) and i also got THE SIMS 2 DOUBLE DELUXE!! Yayy I'm so excited! I love the sims!

    My plans for 2009 are to spend more time on myself and less on other people. I want to be fully satisfied with anything that has to do with me before I start trying to fix everyone elses problems. I also want to accomplish as much as I can in a day. When me and my boyfriend are together I tend to become a lazy bum and just lay in bed with him all day. I really really want to pay off my credit cards and never ever deal with them again.Last but not least, I wanna be fit and healthy and happy and I wan't nothing but the best of health and happiness for my family. Don't we all?

    There's so much to look forward to. The future is so bright and I can't wait to go through all of these experiences.

    2008 was a pretty decent year, it ended well. Heres to much more shopping, much more laughing, much more smiling, and much more love in 2009! =D

    What are your plans for the future?

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    First Post!!

    Ok so, I was once a xanga blogger but I realized that everyone ditched xanga and moved onto Myspace and then Facebook. I missed blogging so here I am!

    Hmm...where do I start?

    I'm 20 years young. I have this crazy fear of life flashing right before my eyes and before I know it I'm an old lady with 12 cats and no recollection of my years. Yes I know, weird. Haha. I'm Puerto Rican and I was born and raised in New Jersey. My parents have been together for 21 years and they're still not married! I have 3 sisters and 2 nephews and some other members that I don't consider to be my "family".

    I have an obsession with fashion and makeup and shopping but I love wearing sweats and bummin it at home. Oh man, my animal print obsession is serious, i have pretty much everything in cheetah print, or zebra print or tiger print...any animal print. For Christmas, my boyfriend brought me a zebra print cover for my sidekick lx (and it looks gorgeous) Don't worry though, I'm not an animal skin collector, gross.

    I have a pretty distinct style I classify it as Punk Glam. I like to add my own little punk rock flare to everything.

    As far as music goes, I love everything. Classical to Metal it doesnt matter. Music plays a gigantic role in my life and I have a soundtrack for everything. My absolute favorite genre is Rock. It runs my soul. I am absolutely positively obsessed with Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. I love them, always have, always will. Hulk Hogan is my all time favorite wrestler. Oh yeah I've been a wrestling fan since birth (literally, my mom gave birth to me while watching wrestling via C-section haha.)

    My boyfriend and I have been in love for almost six years! He's my best friend and other half. I love him sooo much! We get into our fights and we have our differences but if we didn't then we probably would not be together anymore. We were voted cutest couple in high school and now we're in college together!

    I just got my first tattoo a few days ago. It's on my back and it's a design that my boyfriend made me. I came up with different symbols to represent each member of my family and he merged it into one so it's my very own special version of my family portrait. It was a gift for my family on christmas and believe me, they freaked... in a good way of course.

    I am a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Twilight Fan! Twilight owns my life. I've read all the books and I've seen the movie about 6 times.

    I'm a sophomore at Montclair State University and technically I live on campus. I transferred to MSU after my freshman year from a college whos name will not be released and when I transferred to MSU they placed me in a hotel in a completely different city to live in because all of the dorm rooms were full! I didn't like the idea much at first but now, I love it. I get a full size bed, my own bathroom, room service and soooo much more space than an actual dorm. The hotel has a pool and it's convienently located right by Target (my fav store), Applebees, Barnes and Noble and sooo many other stores. I am in heaven. The hotel is in a different city but the school provides a shuttle bus that runs by the hour to and from the school so it's easy to get to campus and back.

    I'm currently a Fashion Major but I may be changing to a Public Relations major and a Fashion Minor. Idk, I am horrible at making decisions for myself sometimes.

    I started this blog in hopes of letting all of my random thoughts out. Subscribe and leave me some love.


    More of an update later.

    Edit: I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I definitely did. I got so much clothes and my dad brought me the Dr Marten combat boots that I wanted. Yeah, i know they're weird but I love them.

    My boyfriend also brought me some amazing gifts like the zebra phone case, mentioned above. My gorgeous scarf with music notes on it, my pink and black zebra purse, pink skinny jeans, the Twilight soundtrack, Nick and Norahs infinite playlist soundtrack, and Britney Spears cd!

    Christmas was sooo great, i'm sad that it's over.

    Today a few friends and I went to Walmart. I didn't get to shop as much as I wanted since we were on a time limit but I did get this amazing makeup bag for only $11.00! I also brought a pack of highlighters because I'm obsessed with them, Makeup remover and Maybelline XXL mascara since I hear that it is so amazing.
    I really should call it a night, or morning since it's 2:24AM in New Jersey.
    Leave me some lovin!