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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    You guys make my day <3

    OMG! Okay so I'm in second place right now and you have no idea how much joy that brings to my life haha. Thanks so much to all you ladies (or men idk) who are voting for me <33

    If you haven't voted yet PLEASE do so by clicking here

    The contest is over in 3 days so you definitely have time!

    For some reason I can only type in bold now, silly blogger.

    My weekend was pretty simple. I went to Rutgers with my friend Tasha and my little sis. We went to visit a friend we graduated hs with. Good times.

    I'm in school now, waiting for class to start, everyone's walking around with sunburns since it was a billon degrees, and still is.

    Only 2 WEEKS left until I'm officially on summer vacation. I'm not sure how excited I am about that though. It's gonna be a tough summer.

    How was everyone elses weekend? What went on?

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    I need your help!!

    Please go to and vote for me, Twisted Spice!! She has a poll on the side of her blog so pleasepleaseplease go and vote your little hearts out my precious bloggers <3

    Thanks, love you guys!

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    And another one

    I'm not doing too hot in Miss Yaya's contest =/. Maybe my Batgirl approach wasn't girly enough? Anyway, better luck next time lol Good luck to the winner!


    I decided to enter Whitz World of Makeup's Contest <--Click there and follow her The theme of the contest was to Create your own Spice girl look and my look is called:

    Twisted Spice

    I went with green and purple cuz I felt those were some pretty twisted colors lol. and I wanted to try something different.

    Here's what I used:

    Leave me some love guys!

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009


    Click here

    Follow Miss Yaya's blog she's so entertaining and she always updates on the greatest sales and make sure you vote for me! Every vote counts cuz she's letting bloggers chose their favs so please please please go to her page and leave her a comment saying you vote for me I swear I will love you forever haha!!

    If you already voted for me I LOVE YOU!

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Miss Yaya's Dollie Makeup Contest

    My first Contest AHHHHHH. Keep in mind I'm a newbie.

    My inspiration:

    I loveeee batman so when I saw this I figured...why not.

    The look:

    What I used:

    Urban decay Primer Potion, Various yellows from my 120 palette, liquid liner, XXL mascara, and NYC Natural False lashes (they do not look natural at all)

    So there it is, my first contest entry. Wish me luck and be honest with me, tell me what you think.


    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Makeup talk

    Does anyone know where I can get some MAC pigment samples? I know Fafinettex3 is having a sale but people went crazy and I'm sure there are none left. I notice you ladies are always doing these lovely swaps and care packages and I'd loooove to partake. Rai I'm guessing this post is mostly for you because you always know where to get stuff lol.

    Oh and I've also noticed that NYX is having one of those wonderful lot sales again.

    And the winner is...

    I think it's hard for anyone NOT to love Angelina. I mean...look at her.

    However, I do believe she was wrong and Jennifer Aniston definitely was the victim in the situation. Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous too and I really felt bad when Angelina stole Brad from her. Imagine how Jenn felt. I mean, there's nothing she could've done. Angelina knew what she wanted and Brad obviously felt strongly for Angelina. In the end I think they make a better couple. Angelina is a great actress and Brad is a great actor. Jennifer Aniston...ehh...not so much. She always plays someones girlfriend who eventually gets hurt but ends up with the guy in the end and I agree with what Collette and Rai said, he just seems happier with her and he now has an entire soccer team of kids.

    Team Angelina. Sorry Jenn.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Who do you like better?

    The rival goes far back but I still have to ask...
    Angelina Jolie
    Jennifer Aniston
    I'll post my answer and my stance on the whole situation tomorrow after I see some responses. Let it out ladies.

    I hope everyone had a great easter!

    Okay so I need your help.

    I want to sell my other digital camera. It takes good pictures and is in new condition and I also wanna sell a brand new pair of sneakers that don't fit me.

    Does anyone know where I can sell these things or know anyone who would be interested in buying?

    I do not like using Craigslist, Ebay or anything like that but if you have any suggestions feel free to drop it in a comment.

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Target Haul 04/06/09

    Camwhoring before class lol

    I did some food shopping last night and got some goodies.

    Tresemme Heat Protectant for when I finally do straighten my hair. Good stuff, def get it!!, two nail polishes, one yellow and one black. NYC foundation powder and NYC lip gloss

    (hehe look at my phone in the mirror) I've never used foundation before so I thought maybe I should try it. I'm not exactly sure how to even use it but if you do feel free to leave me pointers. The lip gloss color is called Pink Sand.

    Movies and shopping= great weekend

    I had such a good weekend with my fam. I love going to see them, I really miss living with them sometimes. I miss hanging out with my sister, I miss eating mom's food and hugging her whenever I felt like it, I miss hugging and kissing and playing with my nephews and I miss my dad's corny ass jokes. Its nice going home.

    On Saturday, I did some shopping and went to see Fast and the Furious and I loveloveloved it. I thought it was better than the first and it's a must see but I don't wanna spoil it for any of you. I liked it so much I saw it again on Sunday and I did more shopping.

    From left to right- A black leather vest, Two pairs of E.L.F lashes, an E.L.F blending brush, and a plain white tank to wear under the vest

    My sneakers <33333 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 200px; height: 150px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5322136590450758034" border="0">And the last thing on the far left is a scarf to wear with the black vest and tanktop.

    Good shopping. Good weekend.

    I have a crazy attachment to my family. As soon as they drop me off I miss them so bad I have to remind myself that I'll see them again soon.

    I know I posted twice today, I've slacked so much that I have tons of pics and things to write about so I'm saving them as drafts so I don't overwhelm you guys.

    Leave me some love, I'll post the rest tomorrow.

    Hair diet

    I'm going on week 3 of not straightening my hair. I used to straighten my hair like three times a week (ouch I know right?) Well, I decided I wanted me hair to be healthier and I put my hair on a diet. Here are the rules:

    1- I can only straighten my hair on a special occassion, or once a month.
    2- I can only wash my hair at the very least twice a week. (washing your hair too much dries it out and makes the color fade
    3- Three words HOT OIL TREATMENT! ( I found these amazing instant hot oil treatments by Tresemme) I do them once a week and they make my hair feel so nice and soft.
    4- I've searched for alternatives for my hair since all I used to do is straighten it. I've tried braiding it before sleep and unbraiding it in the morning for waves and recently I stumbled upon...Flexi-rods!!!
    Here's the hot oil treatment. You don't even have to heat it up. You open it up and it heats up on its own. It comes with 3 tubes and it only costed me $3.15 in Harmon Face Values.

    These are the flexi-rods. You take a chunk of your hair, wrap it up in one of these babies and here are the results after just 15 minutes.

    I know I know, they're not good pics but my camera battery died so bare with me. The waves came out amazing and the best part about them is that they aren't damaging my hair.

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    Home for the weekend. I need to spend time with my mom and sis and babies.