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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    You guys make my day <3

    OMG! Okay so I'm in second place right now and you have no idea how much joy that brings to my life haha. Thanks so much to all you ladies (or men idk) who are voting for me <33

    If you haven't voted yet PLEASE do so by clicking here

    The contest is over in 3 days so you definitely have time!

    For some reason I can only type in bold now, silly blogger.

    My weekend was pretty simple. I went to Rutgers with my friend Tasha and my little sis. We went to visit a friend we graduated hs with. Good times.

    I'm in school now, waiting for class to start, everyone's walking around with sunburns since it was a billon degrees, and still is.

    Only 2 WEEKS left until I'm officially on summer vacation. I'm not sure how excited I am about that though. It's gonna be a tough summer.

    How was everyone elses weekend? What went on?


    1. I am so glad your in second place! Good going! And man I have like four more weeks until I'm out of school for summer!

    2. Ah good for you for getting to summer break already! Woohooooo! This weekend I am moving and I currently feel pretty under the weather... bleh - sooooo fun :( Love your makeup looks - saw them on a couple of blog contests now! Good job!