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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    And the winner is...

    I think it's hard for anyone NOT to love Angelina. I mean...look at her.

    However, I do believe she was wrong and Jennifer Aniston definitely was the victim in the situation. Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous too and I really felt bad when Angelina stole Brad from her. Imagine how Jenn felt. I mean, there's nothing she could've done. Angelina knew what she wanted and Brad obviously felt strongly for Angelina. In the end I think they make a better couple. Angelina is a great actress and Brad is a great actor. Jennifer Aniston...ehh...not so much. She always plays someones girlfriend who eventually gets hurt but ends up with the guy in the end and I agree with what Collette and Rai said, he just seems happier with her and he now has an entire soccer team of kids.

    Team Angelina. Sorry Jenn.


    1. Woot woot! I completely agree! They have a very cute soccer team. ♥

    2. i felt bad for Jen too.. but i love Angelina.. shes hott! lol