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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Makeup talk

    Does anyone know where I can get some MAC pigment samples? I know Fafinettex3 is having a sale but people went crazy and I'm sure there are none left. I notice you ladies are always doing these lovely swaps and care packages and I'd loooove to partake. Rai I'm guessing this post is mostly for you because you always know where to get stuff lol.

    Oh and I've also noticed that NYX is having one of those wonderful lot sales again.


    1. LMFAO! Ana we're going to have to swap one day.
      But The Body Needs has some:

      They're are the cheapest and shippings is $4.50 I think! =D
      I'll be glad when my NYX Kit arrives!

    2. Wait, the shipping depends on your cart & location. lol Opps!

    3. Rai- Ahh see I knew you would know lol. I checked that site and they dont have Vanilla pigment which is what everyone keeps telling me to buy. I'm not a MAC buyer so I'm not familiar with any other good ones. I wanna try new makeup though.

      Lets do a swap!

    4. Try

      Why Vanilla though? lol It's white.

    5. i don't know any except for shopcraze which Rai just said..
      shes the one who put me up on that site lol