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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    And another one

    I'm not doing too hot in Miss Yaya's contest =/. Maybe my Batgirl approach wasn't girly enough? Anyway, better luck next time lol Good luck to the winner!


    I decided to enter Whitz World of Makeup's Contest <--Click there and follow her The theme of the contest was to Create your own Spice girl look and my look is called:

    Twisted Spice

    I went with green and purple cuz I felt those were some pretty twisted colors lol. and I wanted to try something different.

    Here's what I used:

    Leave me some love guys!


    1. lurveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!! :)

    2. Don't fret about that.
      There will be other contest! =D Like mine! lol

      I love your Spice Girl name.
      And the makeup is awesome. GOOD LUCK!

    3. oohhh this look so hot!! you rocked it girl! good luckk!!♥♥

    4. love ittt!
      lol @ the 4th pic

      and yes there will be plentyyy more contests so no worries

      i'm not too into the 1s where the bloggers vote for the winner cuz i feel like its not always being judged on makeup.. more like a popularity contest.. thats just me tho lol

      but goodluck with this 1! =]

    5. Thanks you guys are lovely <3

      oh and Julisa, isn't the 4th pic just graceful? lol My best friend put that as the background of her phone apparently people really like when I'm angry lol.

    6. So amazing! And girl I am so sorry that I couldn't vote for you! My best friend has been posting posts for me because I can't go on the computer!

    7. The purple and green make a stunning combo. You have gorgeous eyes!

    8. hey girl- i created a poll- for ONE of the winners to be chosen this way- so promote yourself and encourage your readers to vote!!