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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Hair diet

    I'm going on week 3 of not straightening my hair. I used to straighten my hair like three times a week (ouch I know right?) Well, I decided I wanted me hair to be healthier and I put my hair on a diet. Here are the rules:

    1- I can only straighten my hair on a special occassion, or once a month.
    2- I can only wash my hair at the very least twice a week. (washing your hair too much dries it out and makes the color fade
    3- Three words HOT OIL TREATMENT! ( I found these amazing instant hot oil treatments by Tresemme) I do them once a week and they make my hair feel so nice and soft.
    4- I've searched for alternatives for my hair since all I used to do is straighten it. I've tried braiding it before sleep and unbraiding it in the morning for waves and recently I stumbled upon...Flexi-rods!!!
    Here's the hot oil treatment. You don't even have to heat it up. You open it up and it heats up on its own. It comes with 3 tubes and it only costed me $3.15 in Harmon Face Values.

    These are the flexi-rods. You take a chunk of your hair, wrap it up in one of these babies and here are the results after just 15 minutes.

    I know I know, they're not good pics but my camera battery died so bare with me. The waves came out amazing and the best part about them is that they aren't damaging my hair.


    1. Good luck with that.
      I wouldn't last too long.
      My hair is too puffy to not straighten it. lol

      Flexi rods curl better than a curling iron!
      I love those! =D

    2. I must try those! I feel bad straightening my hair as much as I do... =\ I need to wash my hair now, but that may have to wait til the weekend.

    3. I've been trying not to straighten my hair at all this week (yeh not as good as you..) haha so far i have done well... Last time i straightened my hair was thursday, and im also trying to cut down on washing as ive heard the same thing, and i think my hair becomes more greasy quicker if i wash it too much. Those tresemme treatments sound awesome. x