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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Most boring, uneventful, unproductive saturday ever

    Yes, this is another post. I'm bored, what can I say. And after watching makeup videos on youtube all day I was inspired.

    I tried out my camera today and I did two makeup looks.
    Please bare with me it has been so long since I've gotten my eyebrows done. Rainbow look yellow green red and blue.

    This is a gold and brown-black everyday kinda look.

    Youtube = procrastinationtube

    Instead of doing productive things with my life I just spent two hours on youtube watching fashion and makeup videos. I think if I let myself I would do that all day it's addictive and I get a lot of outfit ideas and hair and makeup ideas. I spend most of my time youtubing fashion hauls though so if you ladies have any of your favorite youtube channels please share! Of course there's the obvious fafinettex3 she's my fav when it comes to makeup but I'm looking for more.

    Ok so my last entry I mentioned how I want to shop but I wasn't sure what to buy. Rai, in reference to your comment, I was referring to clothes and shoes. I'm set for makeup right now. So if you have any ideas of some clothing essentials please please please share lol thats goes for everyone

    My style is kind of a mix of everything. I like street fashion but I also like preppy and punk rock. Comfort is most important to me though.

    While I was watching this youtube video i noticed that this one girl dropped like $1000 on clothes and it wasn't even designer stuff it was stuff from like, Forever 21 and wet seal etc so you know she definitely got her money's worth. I would love to just drop a G on clothes and shoes just for me so I came up with this plan to be able to do so it's called the Spring Shopping Spree Challenge and once i come up with this dynamics of the plan I'll share. Would anyone be interested?

    Anyway, I'm about to go make some lunch and try to get started on some homework =/ I hope you ladies are having an amazing weekend. Fill me in on what you guys have planned for the weekend.

    oh oh and btw I added a few lists on the side of my blog of my upcoming entries and my list of favorite blogs. Check it out

    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Look what I got...

    After stalking UPS for almost a week I finally got my package!!

    (these pics obviously not taken with the new camera, they were taken with my camera phone)

    Yay! I'm so happy it's finally here and now I can finally take pics of all my hauls and stuff. I'm expecting a package next week so def pics coming soon.

    I hate when I have the money to shop and I can never find anything that I like. ugh. If you ladies have any ideas of some essentials I should indulge in PLEASE let me know. Any ideas are appreciated.

    So this weekend, Feb is done...already. I can't believe January and February are already gone. I was feeling so down the other day because I've been feeling quite useless. I feel like I let time pass me by and I haven't accomplished anything. I have no ambition or inspiration to study or even get dressed in the morning. I've literally worn sweats all week. My self esteem is slipping again...blah. It was just that, a very blah week and all I've wanted to do was lay in bed and sulk OVER NOTHING.

    I'm hoping this upcoming week is better even though midterms are approaching fast. I plan on studying this weekend but that never happens because I suck at studying I always always always get distracted and before I know it the day is over and I got nothing done.

    I need inspiration.

    What do you ladies have planned for the weekend? fill me in.

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    I've been feeling really down.

    and lost

    and foolish

    and weak.

    and hurt

    and e.m.p.t.y

    and depressed.


    I hope everyone is doing great. Keep posting, your entries make me smile.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    interesting topic

    In my womens studies class my professor asked us to come up with a REALISTIC list of things a man would have to fulfill to be considered your perfect man.

    Lets hear it ladies, 10 things.

    Monday, February 23, 2009

    WTF my last entry vanished!

    I had a random list of things about me and now it's gone.

    -.- tsk tsk blogger!

    I'll update later on tonight I'm about to go to class.


    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    MY MOM ORDERED MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As you can tell I'm ecstatic right now! I got a new pair of jeans, a couple makeup related things, a new mirror etc. and my sister is making me cupcakes <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5305712492823254002" style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; width: 200px; height: 89px; text-align: center;" alt="" src="" border="0">

    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    You ladies are great! Thanks so much for the support, you guys were really the deciding factor on whether or not I should go dark and I really, honestly, truly love my hair this color.

    Why am I awake at 3am?...

    I have no idea but I should be going to bed soon I just wanted to get a short and sweet blog in to let you guys know that I was just looking at the makeup pics on my phone and they look hot, but when I signed on blogger on my computer I was like "wtf?" u can't see shit, same goes for my hair color. My phone pics don't give my hair color or my makeup any justice.

    I really want this camera. I have the money for it but my boyfriend thinks that I shouldn't spend the money on it because I already have the other one. Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with my purple Polaroid camera. It's in great condition but both places that I live have bad lighting so it's hard to get a good photo AND you have to buy batteries for it so...I want this one. I'm just waiting for the right moment to place my order.

    Times are hard...I need a job.

    What do you ladies do for money?

    Edit: I was gonna say that I forgot to mention, my other Valentine's Day gift from the bf came in today but then I remembered that I didn't even get to show you guys what he got me.

    When I woke up on Valentine's Day, this was in my room. Already in the spot where I wanted it.

    The tupperwear organizer thing I wanted to organize all my makeup and stuff. I know, who really wants this stuff?, and I was thrilled when I saw it there with a big pink bow when I opened my eyes. (btw that isn't the designated spot for it, I just moved it so I could get a decent pic) Look, five drawers!
    This is a little folder thing her made himself to put the card in. (he's a graphic design major so most of the graphics you'll see are from him, he has some amazin skills)

    The actual envelope...cute huh?

    The actual card (it says Thank you for loving me the way you do. Its cute. If it wasn't so personal. I'd show the inside too)

    In the letter he wrote me he let me know that the other part to my gift was late and would be arriving soon.

    After this we basically cuddled in bed, watched some tv, showered, went to Applebees for dinner, rented a movie, stayed in and played until we went to sleep. (if you're curious, the vday outfit did not go to waste)

    Today, almost a week later, the other gift came in, the one he paid for but hadn't arrived on time

    lookie lookie:

    120 colors

    The kid is a pain in the ass but he sure knows the way to my heart.

    Friday, February 20, 2009

    surprise surprise surprise!

    Surprise, I changed up the page =D.

    My very own custom header. Just a warning ladies, I changed my user name so when I leave you comments it won't say Femme Fatale anymore, it'll say Twisted Elegance. I decided to just stick with one theme.

    oh and one more thing...


    This was way before when the blonde was healthy and all one color lol After a while it started to grow out which made me have to continue dying my roots which equals damage and also leads to a billion different shades of blonde.


    I dyed it!!! it's a lighter brown than I expected but I still love it. Again, remember..bad picture quality, bare with me I'm using my camera phone until I get my new camera. Let me know what you guys think. I'm thinking of giving this look a go for a while until I find someone who actual knows how to do peekaboo highlights.

    One more surprise,

    I actually took pics of a makeup look. It's bad quality but you can almost see it lol.

    Have a good night ladies. Leave me love <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 200px; height: 89px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5304762546635486386" border="0">

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Pink Brushes and Strawberries. You can't go wrong.

    Okay so before I begin with my instructions I just want to let everyone know that I made up my mind and......

    I'm going dark, probably tomorrow so that I can go home and surprise my fam. They love my dark hair. (I've done it before but it was a major bitch to get back to blond)

    So yeah, thanks guys for all the input. I'm gonna go with the peekaboo highlights either this weekend or maybe later on. I'm not in a rush.

    Enough of that though, lets move on.

    How to Get CHEAP, good quality, Pink brushes

    I know, I sounds too good to be true but it's not. I must must confess my love for E.L.F brushes. As I've mentioned before, I am unemployed for now so MAC brushes are definitely out of the question. My mom will laugh in my face if I call her up to ask her for 24 dollars for a makeup brush and I'm def not dippin into my savings for it. E.L.F brushes are an AMAZING replacement and they're only $1.00, i repeat $1.00. I've used MAC brushes before and although some of the E.L.F brushes are flimsy ( the smudging brush...not so good) there are some that I feel might even be better than MAC like the blending brush = <333 style="font-weight: bold;">What you'll need:
    Makeup Brush (duh)
    Nail polish of your choice
    Napkins just in case
    Nail polish remover just in case

    Step One:

    Pick your brush of choice (this probably works best on a white brush but def try your black brushes too)

    It's hard to tell but this is my eyeshadow brush.

    Step Two:

    Once you've chosen your brush, you can either use a nail polish you already have or go out and buy a new one (some people dont like the idea of using something that you use on your nails on another surface, I say...what the hell, it's not going on my face and it's not damaging my nail polish or my nail so I used one I had already)

    I decided I wanted a pink, glittery brush so I put a coat of clear glitter nail polish over the pink. Both of these nail polishes were about $0.97 each in Target.

    Step Three:

    Paint them! Paint your first coat, let it dry, paint a second coat, let it dry and once it's COMPLETELY dry you can paint a coat of glitter over it. Make sure you wait for your base color to be dry or else you'll make a mess and ruin the nail polish. I don't have a picture of me painting them would I have taken pics and painted at the same time lol.

    Step Four:

    Let it dry!
    Your finished product should look like this

    Wall-laa, you have pretty, customized brushes to add to your collection. Feel free to use any colors you want, go crazy. My boyfriend saw the brushes today and thought I brought them from a store that way. He's all like "I thought you said you were trying to save money" (points at brushes) I'm like "Stay out my bidness" lol I explained to him that I did it all by my lonesome. Boys, psh.

    If you decide to do this to your brushes TAKE PICS! I would love to see your brushes ladies.

    So now...

    on to the thing you've all been waiting for...

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!!

    I made these on Valentines Day and had this hotel smelling all kinds of delicious. They were so good that Danny's cousin even brought a box of them off me.

    What you'll need:
    a bag of chocolate chips (whichever you prefer, I personally used Nestle semi-sweet)- $3.49 in Target you can definitely get cheaper ones though, I had no choice lol
    Strawberries (duh)- $5.00 in Stop and Shop
    A bowl (microwaveable)
    A spoon
    Wax paper- $1.09 in Stop and Shop
    A microwave
    A fridge

    I'm sorry but I don't have pics of the step by step process. Its pretty mindless but if you feel like you need the pictures I'll post some up over the weekend, I plan on making some for my nephews when i go home.

    Make sure you have all your supplies laid out

    Step One:

    Empty your chocolate chips into your microwaveable bowl and put them in your microwave for 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes are over stir the chocolate , they will not be melted yet, after you stir, put it back in for another 2 minutes, take it out, stir it, and put it in for another 2 minutes. After the third time they should be completely melted. The reason I tell you to do this is because if you put the chocolate in for 6 minutes straight the chocolate will melt and get a nasty taste, doing it in intervals will help the chocolate melt in a good way.

    Step Two:

    Once your chocolate has melted you should wash your strawberries and then dip them into your chocolate sauce. Once you feel like it has a good amount of chocolate on it, lay it down on your wax paper, continue to do this with each strawberry

    Step Three:

    When your done dipping take the wax paper on each side and slowly carry it to your fridge, make sure you dont drop any! If you feel like it's too difficult just put the wax paper on a plate.

    Step Four:

    Let them cool for about an hour and WA-LA. After an hour the chocolate should be hardened and delicious.

    Step Five:


    I apologize if I'm being too vague with the directions, if you have any questions feel free to let me know and I'll answer to the best of my ability

    I'm heading off to have dinner with the bf and then we're going to a magic show lol. I'll let you guys know how it went.

    Hope you ladies are having an amazing day. Love you all <33

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Pretty much a mix of everything

    For all the ladies who helped me thru my situation yesterday I left you guys a blog below this one just to say thanks.

    I'm in class right now I swear to God I feel like ripping my hair out. This is pretty much the most boring class ever. I'm not interested in the history of music. I like music the way it is I don't need to know about woodwinds and the Baroque Period.


    I apologize for getting all personal yesterday but I felt like I had no one to turn to and I felt like if I got personal, then maybe someone out there in my blog world will relate and understand and I was right. Maybe I should get more personal, more often. I don't want anyone to ever feel like they have no one to turn to because theres no one who will understand because trust me, I do. Name a life experience, I've dealt with it whether it be with my own life, boyfriends life, friends life etc.

    I've been feeling really out of it lately. Every now and then I get into these self doubting moods where I feel like I have to analyze everything about myself and fix it so here goes.

    Goal number 1: Operation Get my life back

    I think I neglect myself too much in every aspect of my life so I have to work on it. I used to be so determined. All I wanted in life is to become famous. I don't know what happened to that dream but it disappeared and I want it back.

    Goal number 2: Operation find the milli to my vanilli

    I have no friends in this school because I've relied on his friendship. That was my first mistake. He is my best friend but he isn't my best friend all the time and thats what I need, a best friend all the time. Since I'm a transfer student I was placed in a hotel to live which is cool, I love living here, but it's away from campus and I know if I lived on campus I'd have the oppurtunity to make tons more friends instead of the drunk transfer students that live in the hotel. The only friend that I have that I feel like i can be 100% honest with lives about an hour away from me so its tough because we talk everything but I know you ladies can attest to the fact that there's nothing like a day out shopping or just chillin with your best girl friend.

    Goal number 3: Work on my damn self

    This one is pretty simple. I want to work on myself more. As in making exercising a habit, making sure I have amazing grades in school, getting a job to support my shopping addiction and last but not least...dun..dun...duuunn...learning how to drive. Yes I know I know, i'm 20 years old with a permit. My friend used to give me lessons but well...thats a long story so I'm pretty much stuck because I know what I'm doing but I have no one to practice with me. I've had to cancel my road test twice already. I'm gonna have to pay for driving school once I find a job but I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I want to take care of myself.

    New Motto = Me FIRST, you SECOND

    So now that you ladies know some of my goals, fill me in on some of yours? What do you feel you need to accomplish to become happier with yourself?

    Oh and btw I need hellllpp. Okay so I'm currently a blonde...a pharmacy blonde and it's cool and all. I used to love it but now it seems like it's taking a toll on my hair. Its become such a hassle having to dye my dark ass roots every 3 weeks and my hair just doesn't look or feel healthy anymore so I was thinking, although I'll miss my Barbie blonde hair, the health of my hair is many of you feel like I should go dark? I was thinking maybe dark brown with some red lowlights or dark brown with some peekaboo highlights or maybe just adding some lowlights to this blonde hair of mine. PiinkCupcakes help me out girl I know you're a cosmetologist lol.

    Here are some pics I got off google

    I typed in red lowlights and I got this. It seems like she has blonde and red in her hair but i'm not sure. It's cute though
    I'm really liking this look. This is what came up when I typed in peekaboo highlights.

    This is just the typical brown and blonde hair.

    Tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know I'm down for anything.

    In my next entry I'll show you how to turn your plain white E.L.F makeup brush into a gorgeous pink one =D


    I'll give step by step instructions of how to make chocolate covered strawberries to spoil yourself with.

    Love you Amazing Ladies. I hope you're all having an amazing day.

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    As you all know Valentine's Day is on Saturday. I still have no idea what to do for my bf for Valentines Day. I usually do something every year but this year I'm fresh out of ideas. If you have any ideas please leave me some, anything is appreciated.

    <33 Thanks in advance guys!

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    This is gonna be a long post.

    I had such a bad week that I decided I needed a weekend to relax so I packed some stuff and went home.

    I really needed that weekend to spend with my family and feel better about myself.


    While I was home I went to see SlumDog Millionaire with my mother and sister and it was definitely worth it. It was so intense. If you're feeling crappy about your life go watch this movie and you'll def. appreciate it more lol. For anyone who has seen it...did you enjoy it as much as I did?

    Another amazing movie I saw in my womens studies class that made me feel like I had to blog about is Maria Full of Grace. Oh my God that movie is so good. I felt like I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time. Anyone seen it?

    I'm not gonna summarize the movie because I feel like everyone should go out and rent it!!!

    My parents also took my sister and I to Red Robin. Aren't they the greatest? I took some camera phone shots for my lovely bloggers.
    Their food is soooo good. They have a special seasoning for your fries, they have amazing burgers and the strawberry lemonade = heaven.

    Go eat at Red Robin guys, I promise it's worth it. I'm drooling as I type.

    Other than going to the movies and spending quality time with my fam I went to forever 21 and got some jeans at an amazin price in Forever 21, I'm mostly amazed because not only were they $14.50 each but they actually fit me. I have the worst luck with jeans. I'm small with big hips so they're always tight on the bottom and baggy as hell at the waist but these jeans, must've been sent from heaven.

    In my last post, or post before that I asked you guys what you felt like some wardrobe essentials were and mine are pretty much the same.

    I feel like every girl should have

    -a pair of rainboots ( I don't know about you but I HATE getting my jeans or socks or any article of clothing wet and being that I live in North Jersey, I deal with a good amount of snow. My rainboots have saved me life numerous times. While all the girls are slipping and sliding around campus in their uggs I am safely strollin around with my rainboots)

    -a comfortable pair of sweats for those rainy days or those days you fight with your significant other or just to chill. I have so many pairs for different occasions. I love me some sweat pants.

    -leggings go a long way, you can wear them with a big hoodie or a sweater or a tunic shirt. They're comfortable and go great with boots

    -my scarves are essential to me. I have one in pretty much every color, they complete almost every outfit.

    -last but not least every girl should own something sexy for herself. Whether it be a nice dress, nice heels, or even lingerie you should own one for those days when you're feeling not to hot.

    Some of my essentials

    Rainboots, scarf, tights. Of course, you don't see any sweats here and thats because...well I told you I had a bad week.And my Valentines Day gift for the BF. He better start behaving or he wont see the likes of this bad boy any time soon. It looks a little weird but it's because i didn't fully lace up one side of it but it's really cute with some black hooker heels, or pink even.

    As far as Valentines Day goes, I honestly don't know what he has planned. I'm not in the mood to celebrate cuz he's been annoying me lately but I know I'll regret it if I make it into a sweatpants day. I'm hoping he remembers what an amazing girlfriend I've been all these years and decides to go all out.

    You guys have anything special planned.

    Oh and btw PiinkCupcakes, your makeup is amazing. I'm def. using that pink and black look on V-day and hopefully I'll get my camera and take pics of it for you. You should def do some video tutorials hun, make yourself famous haha.

    Don't forget to do your taxes ladies (like anyone could ever forget tax season) I did mine on Friday. I'm barely getting back anything. Sometimes living in New Jersey is wack.

    I hope everyone is having an amazing day. I know how rough Mondays can be.


    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    Ok so I know I promised an update but....the bf has me in a really bad mood so trust me, you don't wanna read what I have to say right now anyway.

    I hope everyone had an amazing day and is ready for the weekend =]

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Help me with my Homework

    So my fashion homework assignment is to ask all of the females two really important questions. So here we go ladies. Gimmie some answers

    What are five things every girl should have in their wardrobe?


    What are five of your wardrobe essentials?

    Leave me some answers and I'll blog my answers tomorrow with pictures =D

    Hope everyones having an awesome day.


    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Valentines Day gifts

    You're all gonna think I'm weird but this is what I want for valentines day. I had a dream the other night that my boyfriend showed up to my room with one of these with a big pink bow and he filled the drawers with little gifts. I must say my dream land comes up with some pretty amazing ideas. I woke up with the biggest smile. I want the cart to fill with my makeup because my makeup bag is sooo unorganized. Does anyone have any other makeup storage ideas?

    On another note...I am selling sneakers. I brought them in New York for 75.00 and I've never worn them simply because, they're too big on me. I tried them on after I brought them (of course) and realized they were too big. "Why not return them to the store and get your full refund?" is probably what you're all asking. The answer is, I threw the receipt away and they won't even do store credit without a receipt. It sucks I know. I figured I should put them on my blog before I put them on ebay. They're a size 5 in boys.

    Aren't they soooo cute??

    I'm selling them for $40.00. If you'd like to see more pics just let me know.

    Oh and one more thing, not that they deserve it but...what are some good gifts to get a guy for valentines day?

    I'll post again later. <33