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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Most boring, uneventful, unproductive saturday ever

    Yes, this is another post. I'm bored, what can I say. And after watching makeup videos on youtube all day I was inspired.

    I tried out my camera today and I did two makeup looks.
    Please bare with me it has been so long since I've gotten my eyebrows done. Rainbow look yellow green red and blue.

    This is a gold and brown-black everyday kinda look.


    1. cooool :) ur gonna get me addicted to the youtube makeup videos girl lol

      p.s. thanks for the comment, ur right, i dont stay down long. i was having a moment but i have snapped out of it. thank u! :)

    2. omg I love the colorful one! its amazing!

    3. the first 1 came out niiiice! cant really see the colors in the 2nd 1
      but yayyy for the new camera! lol

    4. The rainbow is nice!
      Other picture is hard to see. =/