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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    You ladies are great! Thanks so much for the support, you guys were really the deciding factor on whether or not I should go dark and I really, honestly, truly love my hair this color.

    Why am I awake at 3am?...

    I have no idea but I should be going to bed soon I just wanted to get a short and sweet blog in to let you guys know that I was just looking at the makeup pics on my phone and they look hot, but when I signed on blogger on my computer I was like "wtf?" u can't see shit, same goes for my hair color. My phone pics don't give my hair color or my makeup any justice.

    I really want this camera. I have the money for it but my boyfriend thinks that I shouldn't spend the money on it because I already have the other one. Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with my purple Polaroid camera. It's in great condition but both places that I live have bad lighting so it's hard to get a good photo AND you have to buy batteries for it so...I want this one. I'm just waiting for the right moment to place my order.

    Times are hard...I need a job.

    What do you ladies do for money?

    Edit: I was gonna say that I forgot to mention, my other Valentine's Day gift from the bf came in today but then I remembered that I didn't even get to show you guys what he got me.

    When I woke up on Valentine's Day, this was in my room. Already in the spot where I wanted it.

    The tupperwear organizer thing I wanted to organize all my makeup and stuff. I know, who really wants this stuff?, and I was thrilled when I saw it there with a big pink bow when I opened my eyes. (btw that isn't the designated spot for it, I just moved it so I could get a decent pic) Look, five drawers!
    This is a little folder thing her made himself to put the card in. (he's a graphic design major so most of the graphics you'll see are from him, he has some amazin skills)

    The actual envelope...cute huh?

    The actual card (it says Thank you for loving me the way you do. Its cute. If it wasn't so personal. I'd show the inside too)

    In the letter he wrote me he let me know that the other part to my gift was late and would be arriving soon.

    After this we basically cuddled in bed, watched some tv, showered, went to Applebees for dinner, rented a movie, stayed in and played until we went to sleep. (if you're curious, the vday outfit did not go to waste)

    Today, almost a week later, the other gift came in, the one he paid for but hadn't arrived on time

    lookie lookie:

    120 colors

    The kid is a pain in the ass but he sure knows the way to my heart.


    1. Instead of buying batteries repeatedly, I just
      got rechargeable batteries. :] Saves & convenient.

      I need a job as well.
      I babysit here & there to earn some money.
      OR CUT BACK MY SPENDING!! Ahhh. =/

      Aw that's so cute.
      Looks like your palette came in good condition.

    2. that is sooo sweet of your boyfriend!

    3. yes get a camera or find some better lighting lol.. and rechargeable batteries like Rai said..
      the fujifilm camera works good tho.. i have the camera in pink and my sister has it in green.. they're soo cute!

      the boyfriend did goooood lol
      the 5 drawer cart! i've been wanting to get one of those carts to organize my makeup
      and the palette yayy! so cute.. thats the same brand as my palette.. Manly.. lol