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    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    MY MOM ORDERED MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As you can tell I'm ecstatic right now! I got a new pair of jeans, a couple makeup related things, a new mirror etc. and my sister is making me cupcakes <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5305712492823254002" style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; width: 200px; height: 89px; text-align: center;" alt="" src="" border="0">


    1. congrats on your mom ordering your camera,, im currently trying to get a webcam, so i can blog too. I sooo believe you on the whole you did the skull with the bow thing before it became popular because that always happens to me, and people think they're original lol

    2. Hey there! :)

      24- "I'm anemic and one time it got so bad that for while and I lost about 20 pounds because all I wanted to eat was frozen brocolli and ice. (yes, frozen brocolli right from the freezer. I had cravings like a pregnant woman) btw: anemics have cravings for cold foods."

      -I'm animic too :/

      But thanks for the follow I like your entrys ^_^ KIT