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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    interesting topic

    In my womens studies class my professor asked us to come up with a REALISTIC list of things a man would have to fulfill to be considered your perfect man.

    Lets hear it ladies, 10 things.


    1. That's interesting.
      Let's see what I can come up with.

      1. Attractive (or at least to me).
      2. Has a sense of humor.
      3. Honest.
      4. Trustworthy.
      5. Family oriented.
      6. Someone I can talk to, vice versa.
      7. Has realistic goals for himself.
      8. Intelligent (can't date an idiot lol).
      9. Accepting of me, for me!
      10. Respectful.

      In no particular order. :]

    2. oo shes good lol.. i was gonna say most of those... can't really think of anything else

    3. 1. respectful at all times

      2. knows how to have fun!

      3. but is still mature enough to take care of business.

      4. optimisitic :)

      5. they must be worthy of my trust, and have that same trust in me as well (can't stand an insecure/jealous/posessive man. ugh.)

      6. intelligent.

      7. gotta give me some good lovin (sorry but i NEEDS that lol)

      8. willing to overlook my imperfections and love me flaws and all (damn beyonce).

      9. must love my children and accept that THEY are my priority, period.

      10. be my best friend.


    4. I agree with the list + outgoing/ spontaneous.

    5. Why don't you list the things that would make your 'perfect man'? :)