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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Youtube = procrastinationtube

    Instead of doing productive things with my life I just spent two hours on youtube watching fashion and makeup videos. I think if I let myself I would do that all day it's addictive and I get a lot of outfit ideas and hair and makeup ideas. I spend most of my time youtubing fashion hauls though so if you ladies have any of your favorite youtube channels please share! Of course there's the obvious fafinettex3 she's my fav when it comes to makeup but I'm looking for more.

    Ok so my last entry I mentioned how I want to shop but I wasn't sure what to buy. Rai, in reference to your comment, I was referring to clothes and shoes. I'm set for makeup right now. So if you have any ideas of some clothing essentials please please please share lol thats goes for everyone

    My style is kind of a mix of everything. I like street fashion but I also like preppy and punk rock. Comfort is most important to me though.

    While I was watching this youtube video i noticed that this one girl dropped like $1000 on clothes and it wasn't even designer stuff it was stuff from like, Forever 21 and wet seal etc so you know she definitely got her money's worth. I would love to just drop a G on clothes and shoes just for me so I came up with this plan to be able to do so it's called the Spring Shopping Spree Challenge and once i come up with this dynamics of the plan I'll share. Would anyone be interested?

    Anyway, I'm about to go make some lunch and try to get started on some homework =/ I hope you ladies are having an amazing weekend. Fill me in on what you guys have planned for the weekend.

    oh oh and btw I added a few lists on the side of my blog of my upcoming entries and my list of favorite blogs. Check it out


    1. i follow Audrey Allure too. I'm interested in hearing your plan about the Spring Shopping Spree Challenge. lol. I know what you mean about you tube, whenever I need some ideas on something, that's the first place I go =D one of my essential clothing items are comfortable hoodies. They can be fashionable too =D

    2. i looooove watching makeup tutorials on youtube...
      QueenofBlendingMUA is amazing.. i first found out about her on myspace years ago.. shes like the main reason i really wanted to get into makeup
      others i like besides her and fafinette..
      julieg713- love her tutorials
      and i like the last 2 for their tips

      ummm i dunno what u should buy.. i can't decide what to spend my money on either lol.. i know i'm def. buying jeans tho.. and maybe a few tops or some sandals since spring is coming up

    3. Mina- I love hoodies, they are def essential I own soooo many.

      PiinkCupcakes- I love Julieg and queenofblending they're two of my favs, I'm still waiting for you to start your own youtube channel cuz I love your makeup looks!

    4. They basically mentioned all the good ones. lol

      But I'll say:
      JennisseMakeup - Her makeup is beautiful!
      CHECK HER OUT, you won't be disappointed.

      Okay now that I know... I don't know your sizes so I'll just list a few sites:
      Go Jane - Reasonable prices and fab shoes.
      Torrid - Love their accessories.
      Great Glam - SEXY CLOTHES! lol But also some cute clothes.
      Mandee - Only bummer is shipping is $7! =[
      Lulus - Sooooo much stuff. Sure you'll like.

      I would love to see the list.
      I'll actually be doing some posts about Spring Trends.

      HAVE A GOOD DAY! :]

    5. wow im slow. i didnt even know there were makeup videos on youtube. let me step away from the computer asap before my laundry doesn't get folded cuz my ass WILL sit here forever watching that shit lol

      awww i made your faves list, thank you :) as for some clothing ideas, i can never have enough leggings! they're so comfortable and interchangeable. also big earrings stay attached to my head lol

      okay, going to fold laundry now (whoopty doo) holla!

    6. yes blogger is making me angry today...

      and thanksss.. i was gonna make a video but it just wasn't working out lol..
      i'll try again.. i just hate watching myself lol