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    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Valentines Day gifts

    You're all gonna think I'm weird but this is what I want for valentines day. I had a dream the other night that my boyfriend showed up to my room with one of these with a big pink bow and he filled the drawers with little gifts. I must say my dream land comes up with some pretty amazing ideas. I woke up with the biggest smile. I want the cart to fill with my makeup because my makeup bag is sooo unorganized. Does anyone have any other makeup storage ideas?

    On another note...I am selling sneakers. I brought them in New York for 75.00 and I've never worn them simply because, they're too big on me. I tried them on after I brought them (of course) and realized they were too big. "Why not return them to the store and get your full refund?" is probably what you're all asking. The answer is, I threw the receipt away and they won't even do store credit without a receipt. It sucks I know. I figured I should put them on my blog before I put them on ebay. They're a size 5 in boys.

    Aren't they soooo cute??

    I'm selling them for $40.00. If you'd like to see more pics just let me know.

    Oh and one more thing, not that they deserve it but...what are some good gifts to get a guy for valentines day?

    I'll post again later. <33


    1. Lol...I laugh because this is the kind of stuff I'm getting my boyfriend for Vday. I'm going to organize his

    2. I got one of those for my birthday! lol

      Another thing to oragnize your makeup is
      a big traincase. I asked for one those, too.
      That way I have something to carry it in when I travel. :]

    3. hi, great blog!

      that is a cute idea for a valentine's day gift, and definitely practical haha.
      as for what to get guys - i'm stumped as well. i haven't thought of anything for my boyfriend. i think i'm just going to treat him to dinner somewhere haha