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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    My list of things to shop for

    Finally an update with pictures. My laptop is currently out of commission because the charger broke so I'm using my boyfriends computer for right now.

    Paisley uggs <333 src="">
    Oh how I adore this palette. I've been wanting it for so long but I'm so scared of ordering it and it arriving broken . I've seen so many makeup tutorial looks with colors from this palette and theyre simply amazing. The shipping and handling is like 10-15.00...I'm not sure how I feel about that when on ebay you can buy a 120 palette for 25.00 including shipping and handling.

    This is the ebay palette

    Beautiful camera <333

    I have one now but the picture quality isn't great so I don't really use it and the battery dies soooo quickly. I use the crappy camera in my phone more than I use my actual camera.

    Of course there's so much more but I don't wanna bore anyone to death. Let me know what you think. Any recommendations?


    1. yayyy it works! lol
      i have that camera and i love it.. even more cuz its pink
      but i think i'd love any camera compared to my old 1