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    Saturday, January 3, 2009

    Only a couple of days into blogging and I'm already out of inspiration to write bleh. I'm gonna try to hold on to my precious blog anyway because I feel like it's therapeutic.

    A couple days ago...I don't exactly remember when (happens when I don't blog about it) Tasha, a good friend of mine, let me drive her car. She's been teaching me how to drive little by little since the summer but since she goes to school in Connecticut it's hard for me to learn much because she rarely comes home. A lot of people think she's crazy because she trusts me driving her car before I even got my permit, before she even got her license! Each time, I feel like I progress and the other day her and my boyfriend, Danny were in the car trying to teach me. I dont know if it's because he was in the car but I did horrible. They tried teaching me how to park, and drive at a steady speed and I was all over the place. So I decided to reschedule my road test and give myself another week.

    I didn't do much yesterday. I went to my boyfriends house and hung out there, and at night we went to Houlihans with his brother and a friend. Houlihans is a great restaurant if you've never tried their cheese fries you are truly missing out and we got a discount Because Danny's brother works there =D

    Today I woke up and went to Target with my mom. I swear we spend so much time in Target we should just move in. Tasha picked us up from Target, we dropped my mom off, and we were off to another driving lesson (i'm telling you I think she's more determined for me to get my license than I am) Today I drove in actual traffic. Streetlights, cops, people, CARS! For the first time ever I was brave enough to drive the car out of a deserted street or parking lot and I did great. It sounds silly but it was such a great feeling. I am so much more confident in my driving ability now.

    Oh, I made the mistake of going into Sephora today. I say mistake because I'm currently unemployed so I just teased myself by swatching all of the Urban Decay Shadows and I almost purchased a Primer Potion but...I stopped myself, for my wallets sake.(sigh) While I was in Sephora I witnessed my Pet Peeve x1231564 which is women using the testers as if they were their own. This woman truly took the lip gloss tester and put it on her lips! Another woman did the same with the mascara! Dis-scus-ting!! I wanted to yell at them it's gross. Do you know how many people do exactly what they're doing and how many people use the lip gloss and mascara on their skin and what they have gahhhhhhhh. horrible.

    I hope I find a job as soon as possible when I get back to school I need to feed into this shopping addiction. Of course everyone wants to shop the most when they're broke.

    I was on today, (double sigh) my cart has 13 items in it. Those poor items will probably remain there until next month haha. I'm so glad I've rekindled my love for makeup. Thank God for all the youtube makeup girls out there who ignited my makeup love flame lol.

    Right now my hair is blonde, mid back length with bangs. I need some change. Any suggestions. I will definitely not go entirely brunette so thats out of the question. I've done Blonde on top and black underneath before, should I give that another go?

    I'm hoping to invest in a new camera soon because the one that i have doesn't take great pics. Hopefully I can get it soon and upload a bijillion pics on here.

    Leave me some lovin.

    Good night

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