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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Last night, or I should say this morning, I was wide awake at 2 am just stressed out about a million things. My mind was racing and I was just not in a good mood at all. I was getting frustrated because I just couldn't sleep for the life of me and I kept tossing and turning. I guess he knew I couldn't sleep so he through his arm around my waist and kissed me, while he slept. I asked him about it today and of course he doesn't remember, but I do because I fell asleep right after. Its like he reminded me, "I'm right here, it's ok"

    Sometimes thats all you need right? Some reassurance.

    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Good morning/afternoon/night lovies,

    I decided that I wanna get to know you guys better so if you read my blog pleasee fill out this survey and leave it as a comment. If you don't feel like answering a question leave it blank, its cool. If you don't feel like answering any questions, why are you still reading this?

    Hope you're all having an amazin day.

    Ill start

    My first name is - Ana

    I am- Puerto Rican

    For a living I- am a student

    My job title is- none as of right now

    When I was little I wanted to be- famous

    My biggest fear(s) is/are- mice

    My favorite color(s)- pink and black

    Hobbies- shopping, I spend money like a champ

    Ice cream flavor- strawberry

    Shoes or makeup? Ahh! I guess. No no, makeup...wait no, shoes. Ahh!

    Favorite store(s) to shop: it depends where I am I can shop for clothes almost anywhere some of my favs are Forever21, wet seal, Charlotte Russe, the city and a couple places online.

    Top three favorite tv shows are: I love money, secret life of an american teenager, and any reality show except for the one with Ray J cuz I hate him

    Before I die one goal I want to accomplish is: Be front row in madison square garden during the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania and shake hulk hogans hand.

    I get weak in the knees for: strawberry cheesecake, my boyfriend, and a store full of good sales....sighh

    I absolutely hate: racism, sexism, and waking up at 8am.

    Four items I won't leave the house without: my ipod, phone, wallet, self.

    I feel sexiest: after a long day of grooming or when I know I have a cute outfit on

    All time fav book: Gah! Twilight.

    All time fav movie: its so hard to pick a fav movie, there are so many.

    I can't answer these last two questions but you guys can.

    How do you feel about my blog?

    What can I do to make it more interesting and appealing to you?

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Firstly, let me just say I've decided to keep my twitter so add me

    Secondly, again I'm apologizing for that entry. I think my emotions were the ones typing. I'm a female, what can I say.

    I'm feeling so much better today especially because I found out that this friday I get to reapply for housing for next semester and I'm definitely applying for an apartment. No more hotel for me...well, hopefully. Cross your fingers for me guys, I apply on Friday and I'll let you know when they give me a yes or no. It all depends on the amount of space they have. Picture me, my own apartment. I'm squealing at the though.

    On another note, Once upon a time I had this friend in the beginning of the year. She was easily best friend. I trusted her, we did everything together and it was great. Apparently, I became less interesting to her because A-I didn't get insanely drunk and do things that I regretted and B- I've never cheated cheated on my boyfriend. Once she found people who did these things she began to speak to me less and less. Eventually I realized that I was being used because she started texting me only when she needed someone who was sober so I stopped speaking to her. Almost four months later, today I sent her a text asking her how she was doing and basically saying "lets let bygones be bygones". This was at around one o'clock. It is now five and I haven't gotten a response. Lesson learned, I tried to be the bigger person but it only works when you're dealing with another adult. I tried. Oh well, life goes on.

    I'm off to do some work that I should've already been doing but I felt like coming on here and showing my blog some love.

    I feel like shopping again. Drop me some suggestions of things to get. I've been thinking of doing a wishlist but I'm the worst shopper. I just walk in and head right to the purses, and shoes and walk out. I never know what to buy clothing wise.

    Oh and does anyone else think it's pretty ironic that Rihanna is Covergirls eyemakeup spokesperson? haha

    Monday, March 23, 2009



    Boo luvin'- After a long day of stress or work or school or anything at all laying next to my boyfriend is so amazing. It's great just having someone to come home to and hug and rant about your day while they pour you ice tea and rub lotion on your feet. I know he acts up sometimes but Jesus Christ I love that kid and I know he loves me so of course we hate each other too but little things like showers together or having lunch make my day (along with other things *wink*)

    Getting a lot of stuff done during the day-
    Mondays are the absolute worst for me. I always, only sleep for four or five hours because of how much I dread Mondays. Mondays and Wednesdays I have to wake up at 8 so they're always always sweatpants days for me and I drag myself from class to class. Today I got so many things done and it felt amazing to not worry about being lazy on a dreaded Monday. I was all over campus today, a woman on a mission and I got allll my stuff done and managed to bring me and the bf some amazing food.

    Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini- MSU has so many great things about it, one of them being the food. We have a Cafe' on campus and it is seriously the nicest Cafe' I've ever been in. The walls have these light displays that change colors every five seconds and theres sofas and benches and tables. Its such a great ambiance and of course it smells great. I rarely go in there because A- I don't drink coffee and B- I never have time, I'm always trying to rush back home. Today I went in, and decided to bring te bf some food since he was sick and I stumbled upon the greatestttt thing on earth. Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini with lettuce tomato and chipolte mayo and it's all TOASTED. amazing guys. simply amazing

    Naps- My Psychology professor used to say that naps aren't good for you. They mess with your sleep and meal cycle. BUT i dont care. I love a good nap. It makes me feel refreshed and comfy.


    People who talk at the wrong moments-
    Okay so I took a self defense class today (it was part of my womens studies curriculum) I was dreading it but it turned out to be so helpful and so fun. Everyone was enjoying themselves but of course theres always someone who you have to look at and thing "Are you kidding me?" I feel like theres always a way to go aboout things so you don't bring the wrong attention to yourself. Apparently,some people don't feel the same. The police officer was talking to us and this random girl comes out of nowhere "I was attacked over Spring break when I was in Dominican Republic on vacation.".....Okay. Thanks for telling us. I'm not trying to seem cold hearted or mean but come on, if you needed to tell someone, tell your friends. Its not appropriate to tell a class of 40 people your business. Its not like the cops could help you here.

    Speaking of talking at the wrong moments. I hate when people talk over the tv. If you need to have a conversation please wait until the commercials come on, especially if it doesn't pertain to the show. Me and my boyfriend talk while the tv is on but its always either about the show, important, or during commercials.

    Rude People: While I was waiting for my sandwich today in the Cafe the guy making it asked me and this girl who was there first. I was obviously there first seeing as how I was standing there alone for a good 10 minutes before she got there and I had a reciept but this girl felt the need to not only lie and say she was there first, but also give me attitude like I was out to steal her sandwich. She didn't even have a reciept but yet here she was, acting like the world was gonna end over a sandwich. He ended up giving me my sandwich first and of course there she was talking shit "I was definitely waiting here longer than her" so I gave it to her because I'm not gonna fight a bitch over a sandwich like I wanted to but I was having too good of a day to mess it up over this chick.

    I know I'm slackin cuz I barely got love for my last blog (Thanks mina!) so I'm definitely gonna try harder to get back onto the blog wagon.

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day/night

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    I feel like I've been slackin.

    I haven't felt inspired to blog lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just because I was with my family for a week, hopefully right? I'm back in my nice comfy bed again and it feels good to sit here with the bf typing away on our laptops like an old couple.

    I did some more shopping the day after I posted my last haul but it was nothing major. I bought these sneakers. I don't have a pic to post because I didn't have intentions of blogging tonight and it's 1am so a google pic will have to do. I found these in a local sneaker store and to be honest, I wasn't crazy about them even though I was slightly intrigued. I tried them on and I fell in love. They look great and my bf and sister convinced me that they were worth the buy. I looked under the sneaker to look at the price and imagine my excitement when I saw that they were


    Yes, you read correctly, $25.00. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of them so you can get a better view.

    I also bought a navy blue purse. (pic coming soon)

    I did a decent amount of shopping over the week so I think I'll be saving as much as I can and concentrating on more productive things like school and exercise since I'll be going to spend a week in Florida with my sis. Gotta get the beach bod ready.

    I promise to be a better blogger comment/entry wise this week but in the meantime, how you doin?

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Yet another haul

    Everything altogether.
    Okay so see that zebra bag. It was on clearance in 5-7-9. For $3.00!!! I couldn't resist buying it even though I'm trying to stay away from animal print. Oh and thanks to Rai I got my free Victoria's Secret bag. I love it. I already had two before I got this one. Maybe I'll start a collection.
    Wet Seal was having a 5 for $20.00 sale so me and my BFF decided to split it and she let me get three. They're hooded. The colors are pink, yellow, and purple. Oh and that little bottle on top of the yellow and pink shirt is UDPP (urban decay primer potion). Yayyyy

    Ahh a plain black purse. I have been dying to get a plain black purse for so long and I could never find a decent one with enough pockets and enough space. I finally found it and it was only $17.00 in Easy Pickins.
    A close up of my purse.

    I had so much fun with my best friend but seriously, I'm exhausted. We went to so many different malls trying to find the perfect dress for her because she's going to formal. Other than shopping we went to have dinner in Houlihans and just chilled in her gorgeous apartment.

    The passion in this picture is ridiculous

    Okay I look gross and pale. I havent been feeling well all week. Give me a break.

    Me being silly

    I fell in love with Rutgers. Did I make the wrong choice? lol We shopped, talked, laughed, drove. I wanted to stay forever but I'm back home now. Bloggin from my kitchen. I was only gone a night and everyone was falling apart. sigh.

    I'm on the hunt for the Betsey Johnson perfume. It smells amazing. I went into Sephore about a month ago and smelled it with my mom and fell in love but decided that my money situation wasn't stable enough to splurged $75.00 on perfume so I passed. I went to find it yesterday in Sephora once again and the lady goes "Um we haven't carried that perfume for six months" OHHH okay Sephora lady, I must be losing my mind because I could've sworn SEPHORA was the place I was in when I was inhaling the testing paper. She had the only attitude and looked at me like I had two heads, I really felt like squirting her in the eye with another perfume but I decided to just walk out. I got home a little while ago and checked the Sephora website and they do in fact carry the perfume, they're even selling it for $30.00, it's just sold out at the moment. Ugh.

    My boyfriend was having some serious withdrawal symptoms while I was gone so I'm gonna go see him tomorrow. We both agreed that it's hard sleeping without him hogging the blanket and me talking in my sleep ( don't judge me, it happens when I'm stressed lol)

    Other than that my life is pretty much the same, nothing new. I'm enjoying my spring break and I'm eager to find out what my lovely bloggers have been up to?

    Fill me in <3

    P.S- I wanna get contacts but I'm not sure if they're worth it. Does anyone know around how much I'd pay for some color contacts?

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Small haul

    So I went to Soho yesterday and I was not impressed. I feel like most of the stores had the same kinds of clothing. Besides that I got soooo sick. My head was killing me and somehow I hurt my foot. Ugh it was just no fun at all. I managed to pick up some things though.

    The shoes were 9.99!!! Definitely a steal. The earrings were 5.00 each. The belt was 5.00 also. The black bag is reversible and it has Jack Skellington on the other side. It was 13.00 The leopard print back is what the earrings came in Isnt it cute?
    I'd update more but my BFF is here so I can spend the day with her.
    Love u guys. Fill me in.

    Friday, March 13, 2009


    It's 3 am. Apparently I don't sleep anymore. I just wanted to do a quick post to let some stuff outta my head.


    Okay so, I slept 2 hrs the night before. I fell asleep at around 6-630 and had to wake up at 8 so you already know I was groggy as hell sitting in class praying for time to flash by. In my womens studies class we watched a disturbing video about people in Ethiopia selling their daughters at the age of 10 so they can be married and have children at the age of 12-14. It's a documentary called Child Bride. It was really graphic and disturbing.

    Class was over and I couldn't wait to get to my comfy bed with the curtains closed and the lights off and sleep for a couple hours. The bf was in class so I had no distractions and just because I can't sleep at night without him doesn't mean I can't nap without him, trust me I have no problem haha. As I slept, apparently a worldwide message went off saying "ANA'S ASLEEP!!! DISTURB HER NOW!!!" My phone started ringing it was my bro in law, then my sis, then my boyfriend. Of course people want to hit me up when all I wanna do is shut my eyes for more than two hours.

    I never got my nap.

    Like if I wasn't crabby enough all day my laptop decides to pull another one on me and BAM the C button just pops off of my keyboard. Go ahead, laugh. I sure as hell did. It literally popped off. I mean, you can obviously tell it still works so it's not like I broke it. I wasn't even touching it at the time. I had to call Dell and ask why my $1600.00 laptop was less sturdy than the Vtech laptop I had as a child. The screen is flimsy and barely hanging on, the fan has broken twice, and the C button has now popped out. This is the last straw, one more thing goes wrong and I'm getting a new one. Dell decides instead of just telling me how to fix it, they wanna send me a whole new...


    Oh, Thanks Dell. -.-

    Ive spent the last 3 hours cleaning and packing for spring break. My parents are gonna flip when they see all my luggage. I tend to overpack.

    Here are my upcoming plans

    Whenever I'm with my fam weekends are reserved for my Momma and little sis. We tend to shop but if we're not shopping we're watching a movie or something. She's fun lol

    Monday- Shopping in Soho
    Tuesday- Wednesday - Rutgers with my bff
    Thursday- Saturday - Unknown. Probably just chillin with my fam and the bf.
    Sunday- back here, getting ready for hell again...I mean school.

    What do you lovely ladies have planned for the weekend? Fill me in.

    I've been feelin really confused about a lot of things lately but mostly about school. Am I making the right decisions? I question myself more than anyone else.

    P.S All you ladies deserve the awards. No need to thank me loves. Bella, take your time girl. You don't even have to repost it. No biggie.

    Oh and Hi!! to all my new followers

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009


    First off let me just say how honored I am that a great blogger like Ms M. aka Cupcakes and Yellow Nailpolish tagged me as "a blog that rocks" it truly made my day. I'm not sure if you can nominate the person who nominated you but I'm going to cheat and do it anyway. GO check out her blog it's like reading an issue of Vogue after a long day.

    Here's the link: Cupcakes and Yellow Nailpolish

    Now here are the rules:
    1.When you receive this award, show that you're happy to the giver.
    2.Nominate at least 5 blogs, that you think rocks.
    3.Let them know about award in their post.
    4.Now blog like you've never blogged before

    And here are my (other) nominations:


    If I could I'd add a couple more but I already cheated by nominating Ms. M haha.


    I'm on the hunt

    I hate it when I see something I love and I say "Oh I'll get it later" and then when I finally have the money for it, it's gone.

    I've been on the hunt for a cheetah print jumpsuit. I saw it once on the forever21 website and then it disappeared. It just disappeared!

    It looks like thisBut in this print
    Can you picture it? I've been looking for it everywhere. I want it so bad. If you can find it I swear we'll be best friends.

    I went on today and saw that they had a clearance sale and all the clearance jewelry is only $1.99 which is great...but the cheapest shipping is $7.00. I dont know about you but thats too much to pay if I'm getting even less than that in jewelry.

    Hmph. Shopping woes.

    How is everyone else doin?

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Apparently, my laptop is bipolar. Sometimes it works and other times it's too hot and slow to even function at all. I apologize, I've been slacking with the comments.

    It's working now so I've decided to take advantage.

    Next week is my spring break so I'll be in my parents house for the week which is bittersweet because like I mentioned before I cannot sleep without my bf and it's weird being somewhere that you used to live. Idk how to explain it, it's just awkward sometimes when my mom and sis are talking about something that happened last week and they're like "Oh..yeah...forgot you dont live here anymore" I do love being with my family though and being back in the city is ironically, a breath of fresh air sometimes.

    I plan on doing some major shopping when I get home and I'm so excited. One of my friends and I are going to Soho (New York, not London) on Monday, ugh I cant wait. But aren't you guys sooo proud?? I actually saved all of my income tax money =D I can't wait to spoil myself haha. I should be doing a major haul. I'm a bargain shopper so I always get a lot for my money. I'm not one of those people who'll spend $60.00 on a sweater. Sorry but I can buy a pair of sneakers or a couple pairs of sandals for that price, my shirt should RARELY be more expensive than my footwear. Thats my rule.

    Other then that I'm probably gonna go stay with my best friend for a night in Rutgers (she lives in an apartment) We'll be doing a whole bunch of everything so I can't even make a plan.

    Okay so, I want my second tattoo. I already know what I want but I have a slight dilemma. I don't want any of my tattoos to be visible . I don't want any on my arms and I love the way shoulder blade tats look but I dont want to get any on my shoulder blades because I don't want any tats showing on my wedding day. I know, I know...who worries about this stuff? Me. I worry about everything.

    Oh yeah, I found out I'm goin to Flo-rida in May for a weekend. Time to work on the beach bod. Tips anyone?

    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    random post

    Since my "25 random things about me" post was deleted I decided maybe I should just start naming some random things just to give you all a little insight into who I am and what kinda stuff I like. Btw in case you're wondering, it's 3:27 AM and I'm posting and thats because I can't sleep when I'm home. When I was home for winter break I slept like 3 hours a night. I got so spoiled by my full size bed that I sleep in with the bf that sleeping alone in this twin size bed is pretty much impossible.


    I'm Puerto Rican. I don't think I've ever mentioned that before Rai asked me but yes, I'm latina. I dont speak fluent spanish only because I'm not comfortable with it. I understand it completely but I'm a Jersey girl, born and raised I don't feel the need to speak it. When people look at me they automatically assume that I'm Italian because of my looks.

    I have OCD. (for those who don't know it means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) it's highly induced by stress and anxiety so I'm not CRAZY! My case isn't severe at all, as a matter of fact I joke about it. I don't take meds or anything but little things definitely do bother me. For example, I cannot sleep in my bed unless it's made. I have made my bed with my boyfriend in it. I've definitely gotten up in the middle of the night and fixed my bed and then gone back to sleep. Yeah, it's weird. I also MUST sniff everything. Some smells bother me and if I have to associate myself with something it better have a pleasant smell or I wont touch it. Oh and GERMS omg. Ok so, I don't like public bathrooms, railings, saliva, sweat. UGH. My nephews are little boys so of course they always have stuff like paper or toys in their mouth and I FLIP out. It's crazy, i know. There are tons more things that cause me anxiety but I think what I listed pretty much narrows it down.

    Ignorant people really accept me. I like to think that I accept all kinds of people. I don't judge based on your past experiences or your problems. I don't even like to pass judgement at all but hey, I'm human. Everyone does it so I always pass judgement based on the truth, your personality. First impressions dont exist because I know for a fact that not everyone is feelin like themselves every single day so why should I assume that since So and So didn't smile when I introduced myself, she's a bitch? I like to wait it out, give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    I'm 5'1". I'm small. Please please please don't let this fool you. I'm not snotty or anything but simply put...don't f u c k with me or my loved ones. I have a temper that could be compared to SHE-HULK and I'm realrealreal overprotective over whats mine. I'm stubborn, what can I say? Guys in my high school used to call me BEAST cuz they know I don't play and they called me and a couple guys I hung out with BEAST SQUAD. My sister is 16 yrs old If you're over the age of 18 do not set your eyes on my little sister, I'll kill you. =D One time I punched a boy in the face because he made my best friend cry.

    Ok so I feel like some of that stuff was pretty intimidating but I promise I'm sweet. I take after my mom and i'm telling you, everyone loves my mom She is just so sweet and soooo funny. Speaking of which, I have an amazing relationship with my parents. I'm blessed. I have my dad's bad temper and my moms gentle heart. My family means the world to me. I'm pretty close to my bf's family too which is quite dangerous, I must say.

    I have an addiction to shopping. When I'm not shopping I am thinking of shopping or making ghost carts on forever21 or wetseal or gojane or I'm watching clothing hauls on youtube. It's a crazy obsession. Some of my other obsessions are, animal print (omg, it's sick how much I love animal print. Don't worry though I won't wear a full zebra outfit like I've seen on some trashy girls. If i'm wearing a colored outfit I like to throw in a little animal print to give it some life) Just because I love it doesn't mean I wear it everyday though. I just think its cute. Hence, my zebra phone case.

    I don't smoke, anything. I'm not against smokers at all. I'm a control freak if you haven't noticed so I know I can't smoke weed because I NEED to know what I'm doing and what is happening around me at all times. I'm not a weed-basher though. If you smoke, more power to you. Oh and cigarettes, i like how they smell when they're being smokes but afterwards they make my clothes smell bad so I'd rather not.

    I LOVEEEEE Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Hulk Hogan. Britney is a genius. I've liked her since she came out with her hoochie school girl outfit. DO NOT get me wrong, she is no role model but she completely reinvented herself and had the whole world thinking she was crazy when in fact, she had US all fooled. Hulk Hogan is my alltime favorite wrestler (I've watched wrestling since I was born, literally) If you're gonna do your Michael Bashing please do it elsewhere because I love him and I don't care what anyone says. His music changes my mood no matter how angry/sad I am. *moonwalks*

    I only have ONE real best friend.

    I love funny stuff. I enjoy all types of humor and kind find funny stuff out of anything. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. I especially love, dry humor, stand up comedy *(demetri martin), and funny lyrics. If you need ideas of some comedians to youtube hit me up.

    I drink on the occassion, mostly with my mom. Don't judge lol. I never get drunk though, we usually have a cup (or three) of Arbor Mist while we socialize . I never have, I'll save that for my 21st. When I'm not drinking with my mom I have the occasional Smirnoff with my bf. On New Years Eve I had a shot of tequila with my dad. He was so proud that I didn't vomit lol.

    Most of the time I blog and read blogs from my phone so I usually can't reply right away but please please, check back here cuz most of the time I write back underneath your comment.

    I've never been to Disneyworld or land =/ or anywhere else besides New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and PR. I've basically just been in the tri-state and Puerto Rico.

    I can drink an entire 2 liter of soda/ice tea/ orange juice in a day. I swear I drink sooo much, I'm always thirsty.

    I don't chew gum or eat candy. Gum makes my gag reflexes act up and idk, candy has never been my thing. I OCCASIONALLY will have a snickers or reeses.

    I feel like I made this way to long so I'll end it here but if you have any random questions I'd LOVE to answer them.

    Let me TRY to sleep.


    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Haul...kinda lol

    My sneaker package came in today.

    Aren't they cuuuute?

    I'm planning on going home for the weekend. Maybe I'll do some shopping and take some pics.. Today was rough but I'm better now.
    Today's look. I'd say I'm getting a little better. Please remember I'm an amateur.

    I hope you ladies had a great week and are ready for the weekend. I know I sure as hell am. I promise some better entries are coming.

    p.s I'm so upset I really wanted beat freaks to win (for those of you who watch America's Best Dance Crew) Quest Crew is a really good crew though.

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    I feel like dropping out of school and joining the circus.

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Pictures, as promised.

    Nothing special, I just wanted to test out my camera. I ended up changing after these pictures lol. For some reason my hair looks soooo short but it's cuz the long layers are in the back and fyi...i normally wear glasses.

    I don't think I've ever shown you guys a picture of my tat. There it is and it hurt like a BITCH. But it's important to me. It's my version of a family portrait. each picture represents a person.

    The crown= my youngest sister who I've always called princess, since thats how everyone treats her
    The rose= my oldest sister who is beautiful and radiant, but has also caused me pain. hence the thorns on the rose that you can barely see
    The dragons= ever since I was little everything that I saw with a dragon on it reminded me of my dad because of his love for kung-fu and dragons and that entire culture. I got the dragon not only to match the tattoo he has that takes up his left arm and the one on his back with my name on it. I got it because he is like a dragon, hot tempered and protective over us all.

    The fairy (in the middle)- represents my second oldest sister because she has always flown with her own wings and has always been artsy and independent

    The names on each side Nico and Jay are my nephews who are world. I've watched them grow up since I've helped raise them they mean everything to me. I won't get too deep cuz I will be crying lol

    Last but not least...
    The chinese symbols- represent my mom they mean strength and power which is what she has and is. She's shorter then me and let me tell you, I'm a little thing. She's only 4'11 but when I look at this woman she seems so much taller. She never comes off as strong or arrogant if you meet her you will fall in love, everyone does because she's so sweet but she literally holds our entire family on her shoulders and is just an amazing woman. She's my best friend and I don't think there is anything that this lady cannot do. She is way more gangsta than I am. Her favorite song ever is ain't nuttin but a g thang (i had that engraved in her ipod) she knows the souljah boy dance and whenever me or my little sister feel down she reminds us that "We're G's" lmao. She is seriously the best woman I've ever met. If I grow up to be even a little of what she is I know I'll be alright.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009


    Ok so everyone is talking about this whole Twitter phenomenon I decided to see what all the hype is's pretty cool. Kinda like facebook actually. Anyone on here on twitter? leave me ur name and I'll add u.

    ugh like I need anything else to be addicted to.

    I'm stuck in class for three hours for the time being but when I get back to my room I'll post some pics I took today and fill u guys in on how the weekend was. Until then, fill me was your weekend?

    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    yayyyy all my classes are cancelled!!!! I get to sleep in tomorrow!

    ::::does victory dance:::

    let it snow let it snow let it snow

    Dear God,

    Stop playing. Cancel school tomorrow.

    Bring on the snow.