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    Monday, March 23, 2009



    Boo luvin'- After a long day of stress or work or school or anything at all laying next to my boyfriend is so amazing. It's great just having someone to come home to and hug and rant about your day while they pour you ice tea and rub lotion on your feet. I know he acts up sometimes but Jesus Christ I love that kid and I know he loves me so of course we hate each other too but little things like showers together or having lunch make my day (along with other things *wink*)

    Getting a lot of stuff done during the day-
    Mondays are the absolute worst for me. I always, only sleep for four or five hours because of how much I dread Mondays. Mondays and Wednesdays I have to wake up at 8 so they're always always sweatpants days for me and I drag myself from class to class. Today I got so many things done and it felt amazing to not worry about being lazy on a dreaded Monday. I was all over campus today, a woman on a mission and I got allll my stuff done and managed to bring me and the bf some amazing food.

    Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini- MSU has so many great things about it, one of them being the food. We have a Cafe' on campus and it is seriously the nicest Cafe' I've ever been in. The walls have these light displays that change colors every five seconds and theres sofas and benches and tables. Its such a great ambiance and of course it smells great. I rarely go in there because A- I don't drink coffee and B- I never have time, I'm always trying to rush back home. Today I went in, and decided to bring te bf some food since he was sick and I stumbled upon the greatestttt thing on earth. Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Panini with lettuce tomato and chipolte mayo and it's all TOASTED. amazing guys. simply amazing

    Naps- My Psychology professor used to say that naps aren't good for you. They mess with your sleep and meal cycle. BUT i dont care. I love a good nap. It makes me feel refreshed and comfy.


    People who talk at the wrong moments-
    Okay so I took a self defense class today (it was part of my womens studies curriculum) I was dreading it but it turned out to be so helpful and so fun. Everyone was enjoying themselves but of course theres always someone who you have to look at and thing "Are you kidding me?" I feel like theres always a way to go aboout things so you don't bring the wrong attention to yourself. Apparently,some people don't feel the same. The police officer was talking to us and this random girl comes out of nowhere "I was attacked over Spring break when I was in Dominican Republic on vacation.".....Okay. Thanks for telling us. I'm not trying to seem cold hearted or mean but come on, if you needed to tell someone, tell your friends. Its not appropriate to tell a class of 40 people your business. Its not like the cops could help you here.

    Speaking of talking at the wrong moments. I hate when people talk over the tv. If you need to have a conversation please wait until the commercials come on, especially if it doesn't pertain to the show. Me and my boyfriend talk while the tv is on but its always either about the show, important, or during commercials.

    Rude People: While I was waiting for my sandwich today in the Cafe the guy making it asked me and this girl who was there first. I was obviously there first seeing as how I was standing there alone for a good 10 minutes before she got there and I had a reciept but this girl felt the need to not only lie and say she was there first, but also give me attitude like I was out to steal her sandwich. She didn't even have a reciept but yet here she was, acting like the world was gonna end over a sandwich. He ended up giving me my sandwich first and of course there she was talking shit "I was definitely waiting here longer than her" so I gave it to her because I'm not gonna fight a bitch over a sandwich like I wanted to but I was having too good of a day to mess it up over this chick.

    I know I'm slackin cuz I barely got love for my last blog (Thanks mina!) so I'm definitely gonna try harder to get back onto the blog wagon.

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day/night


    1. I feel so loved. Lol. I'm glad you had a great day, because I did too ^^. The girl who was in line with you, sounds like a real meanie. =[ I'm glad your one of the few people who don't let petty girls get in your way of a good time, or good sandwich! Lol!!

    2. I hate rude people. I always get jumped in front of when Im at a bar, maybe becuase Im so short! However at the weekend a lovely guy said "no this lady was here before me" that makes up for it :D

    3. that sandwich sounds goooood..
      lol at the hates...
      i can't stand stupid girls.. i dunno how u did it

    4. LMAO @ the beginning. FREAAAAAKS.
      I rarely take a nap, even if I hardly slept.
      OMG! I hate, hate, hate when people want to start yapping when I'm watching tv.

      My older sister is a loud mouth and she is always doing that. I be like "Shhhh!"
      And that girl has some nerves, I would had stepped infront of her. Can't stand rudeness.