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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    I'm on the hunt

    I hate it when I see something I love and I say "Oh I'll get it later" and then when I finally have the money for it, it's gone.

    I've been on the hunt for a cheetah print jumpsuit. I saw it once on the forever21 website and then it disappeared. It just disappeared!

    It looks like thisBut in this print
    Can you picture it? I've been looking for it everywhere. I want it so bad. If you can find it I swear we'll be best friends.

    I went on today and saw that they had a clearance sale and all the clearance jewelry is only $1.99 which is great...but the cheapest shipping is $7.00. I dont know about you but thats too much to pay if I'm getting even less than that in jewelry.

    Hmph. Shopping woes.

    How is everyone else doin?


    1. I'm sorry that you couldn't find your cheetah print jumpsuit. That happens to me a lot to.

    2. Never seen it. I'm sure they will get something similar to that, again.

      I saw that, too.
      $7 is WAY TOO MUCH FOR SHIPPING! lol
      I dont even like pay $5.95 for shipping smh.

    3. oooh I'm a sucker for all things animal print!!

      I have a little surprise for you on my blog, check out my latest post ;)


    4. Mina- I'm gonna start buying stuff on the spot to avoid this catastrophe

      Rai- I'm cheap when it comes to shopping so 5.95 is way too much too lol

      Ms M- <333

    5. aaaaw thank you for your kind words!! you mega deserve this award, so display it proud!!


    6. I like your blog, and thanks for following mine!
      You should think about getting a cbox, they're great!