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    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Apparently, my laptop is bipolar. Sometimes it works and other times it's too hot and slow to even function at all. I apologize, I've been slacking with the comments.

    It's working now so I've decided to take advantage.

    Next week is my spring break so I'll be in my parents house for the week which is bittersweet because like I mentioned before I cannot sleep without my bf and it's weird being somewhere that you used to live. Idk how to explain it, it's just awkward sometimes when my mom and sis are talking about something that happened last week and they're like "Oh..yeah...forgot you dont live here anymore" I do love being with my family though and being back in the city is ironically, a breath of fresh air sometimes.

    I plan on doing some major shopping when I get home and I'm so excited. One of my friends and I are going to Soho (New York, not London) on Monday, ugh I cant wait. But aren't you guys sooo proud?? I actually saved all of my income tax money =D I can't wait to spoil myself haha. I should be doing a major haul. I'm a bargain shopper so I always get a lot for my money. I'm not one of those people who'll spend $60.00 on a sweater. Sorry but I can buy a pair of sneakers or a couple pairs of sandals for that price, my shirt should RARELY be more expensive than my footwear. Thats my rule.

    Other then that I'm probably gonna go stay with my best friend for a night in Rutgers (she lives in an apartment) We'll be doing a whole bunch of everything so I can't even make a plan.

    Okay so, I want my second tattoo. I already know what I want but I have a slight dilemma. I don't want any of my tattoos to be visible . I don't want any on my arms and I love the way shoulder blade tats look but I dont want to get any on my shoulder blades because I don't want any tats showing on my wedding day. I know, I know...who worries about this stuff? Me. I worry about everything.

    Oh yeah, I found out I'm goin to Flo-rida in May for a weekend. Time to work on the beach bod. Tips anyone?


    1. Haha thanks girl! :)
      & I got a tattoo that covers my shoulder blade lmfao. -Now thinking about it, I'd want to cover it up also on my wedding day (; haha.

    2. cant wait to see the goods! lol

      rutgers means getting annihilated!! i love the parties there.. just not when they end early.. which is almost all the time

      and about the tattoo.. what about your side.. hip.. leg.. lol what are u gettingggg?
      and if anything u can always cover it up with makeup.. even tho that would probly be annoying but that's what i plan on doing after i get the rest that i want lol

    3. lol at the tattoo about ur waist line...i think its cute/sexy! and not too noticeable unless u walk around with a bikini on all day lol

      take me shopping with u

    4. hey girl! Just passing thru ur blog and we have 2 things in have spring break nex week and I dont like visible tattoos because of my wedding day. Oh yeah I am going to FL next week but I'm gonna do a post about fitness soon so stay tuned!