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    Friday, March 13, 2009


    It's 3 am. Apparently I don't sleep anymore. I just wanted to do a quick post to let some stuff outta my head.


    Okay so, I slept 2 hrs the night before. I fell asleep at around 6-630 and had to wake up at 8 so you already know I was groggy as hell sitting in class praying for time to flash by. In my womens studies class we watched a disturbing video about people in Ethiopia selling their daughters at the age of 10 so they can be married and have children at the age of 12-14. It's a documentary called Child Bride. It was really graphic and disturbing.

    Class was over and I couldn't wait to get to my comfy bed with the curtains closed and the lights off and sleep for a couple hours. The bf was in class so I had no distractions and just because I can't sleep at night without him doesn't mean I can't nap without him, trust me I have no problem haha. As I slept, apparently a worldwide message went off saying "ANA'S ASLEEP!!! DISTURB HER NOW!!!" My phone started ringing it was my bro in law, then my sis, then my boyfriend. Of course people want to hit me up when all I wanna do is shut my eyes for more than two hours.

    I never got my nap.

    Like if I wasn't crabby enough all day my laptop decides to pull another one on me and BAM the C button just pops off of my keyboard. Go ahead, laugh. I sure as hell did. It literally popped off. I mean, you can obviously tell it still works so it's not like I broke it. I wasn't even touching it at the time. I had to call Dell and ask why my $1600.00 laptop was less sturdy than the Vtech laptop I had as a child. The screen is flimsy and barely hanging on, the fan has broken twice, and the C button has now popped out. This is the last straw, one more thing goes wrong and I'm getting a new one. Dell decides instead of just telling me how to fix it, they wanna send me a whole new...


    Oh, Thanks Dell. -.-

    Ive spent the last 3 hours cleaning and packing for spring break. My parents are gonna flip when they see all my luggage. I tend to overpack.

    Here are my upcoming plans

    Whenever I'm with my fam weekends are reserved for my Momma and little sis. We tend to shop but if we're not shopping we're watching a movie or something. She's fun lol

    Monday- Shopping in Soho
    Tuesday- Wednesday - Rutgers with my bff
    Thursday- Saturday - Unknown. Probably just chillin with my fam and the bf.
    Sunday- back here, getting ready for hell again...I mean school.

    What do you lovely ladies have planned for the weekend? Fill me in.

    I've been feelin really confused about a lot of things lately but mostly about school. Am I making the right decisions? I question myself more than anyone else.

    P.S All you ladies deserve the awards. No need to thank me loves. Bella, take your time girl. You don't even have to repost it. No biggie.

    Oh and Hi!! to all my new followers


    1. shit it looks like we both have insomnia!! im tired as hell but i cant even sleep n i have to get up at 7 (in less than 4 hours) idk what my problem is :( im in zombie mode. i think im typing this on auto-pilot lol

      yeah i laughed at ur C button jumping off ur keyboard, ha! n i WILL re-post the award blog because i think its a cool idea. i'll be able to do it this weekend cuz i will be childless for once! and boy do i need a break!

      which brings me to answer ur question, i'll be home doing who knows what friday. n saturday im going out. n shakin my boootaaay!! lol

      goodnite :)

    2. lmao @ the c-button thing. I cracked up.

      It's good to know I'm not the only one who hasn't been getting the much deserved sleep I desire lately. It's probably due to stress. Stress is a bitch, especially when it messes with my sleep. Hope you have fun on your spring break!

    3. ur award has FINALLY been presented in my blog lmao