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    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Haul...kinda lol

    My sneaker package came in today.

    Aren't they cuuuute?

    I'm planning on going home for the weekend. Maybe I'll do some shopping and take some pics.. Today was rough but I'm better now.
    Today's look. I'd say I'm getting a little better. Please remember I'm an amateur.

    I hope you ladies had a great week and are ready for the weekend. I know I sure as hell am. I promise some better entries are coming.

    p.s I'm so upset I really wanted beat freaks to win (for those of you who watch America's Best Dance Crew) Quest Crew is a really good crew though.


    1. oh those ARE cute! girl i found some gray and hot pink puma boots (yes i said puma boots lol) at marshall's of all places lmao and they were only $29.99

      the eyes look nice too!!

    2. the sneakers are cute

      and the look came out really pretty! it doesn't look amateur at all

      i wanted Beat Freaks to win too =[ i liked both crews but i just wanted a girl crew to win aready lol

    3. i'm never home from work in time to watch the actual shows so i never know which rerun i'm on lol - gave up trying.

      thanks for the follow =] that shadow combo looks good - what did u use?

    4. WTF! They didn't win?!
      I went to sleep. =[ Nooooo.

      Cute eyeshadow!!

    5. Yay! for the amateur make-up girls. I am one too. =] That look is cute!

      Yeah, I was so anticipating the first all-girl crew to be winners. I heard they messed up a little the week before tho...