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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Pictures, as promised.

    Nothing special, I just wanted to test out my camera. I ended up changing after these pictures lol. For some reason my hair looks soooo short but it's cuz the long layers are in the back and fyi...i normally wear glasses.

    I don't think I've ever shown you guys a picture of my tat. There it is and it hurt like a BITCH. But it's important to me. It's my version of a family portrait. each picture represents a person.

    The crown= my youngest sister who I've always called princess, since thats how everyone treats her
    The rose= my oldest sister who is beautiful and radiant, but has also caused me pain. hence the thorns on the rose that you can barely see
    The dragons= ever since I was little everything that I saw with a dragon on it reminded me of my dad because of his love for kung-fu and dragons and that entire culture. I got the dragon not only to match the tattoo he has that takes up his left arm and the one on his back with my name on it. I got it because he is like a dragon, hot tempered and protective over us all.

    The fairy (in the middle)- represents my second oldest sister because she has always flown with her own wings and has always been artsy and independent

    The names on each side Nico and Jay are my nephews who are world. I've watched them grow up since I've helped raise them they mean everything to me. I won't get too deep cuz I will be crying lol

    Last but not least...
    The chinese symbols- represent my mom they mean strength and power which is what she has and is. She's shorter then me and let me tell you, I'm a little thing. She's only 4'11 but when I look at this woman she seems so much taller. She never comes off as strong or arrogant if you meet her you will fall in love, everyone does because she's so sweet but she literally holds our entire family on her shoulders and is just an amazing woman. She's my best friend and I don't think there is anything that this lady cannot do. She is way more gangsta than I am. Her favorite song ever is ain't nuttin but a g thang (i had that engraved in her ipod) she knows the souljah boy dance and whenever me or my little sister feel down she reminds us that "We're G's" lmao. She is seriously the best woman I've ever met. If I grow up to be even a little of what she is I know I'll be alright.


    1. aww looka ur lil bitty cute self! lol ur tatt is dope. very unique!! i need to step my tatt game up. all i have is a chinese symbol for beauty on my shoulder blade. boooo!! lol

    2. You look so cute! What's your ethnicity?
      Aww that's a creative tat.
      I still want one! I'm hella scared though. lol =/

    3. Man that tatoo of your family is so amazing and so creative! Your so awesome =D

    4. u look prettyyy! i love the tat
      and Rai.. do it! do it! do it! lol

    5. Thanks ladies! I love u guys

      Bella- you should def get at least one more even though for some reason I feel like your tat is beautiful on its own.

      Rai-I'm Puerto Rican and you should def get one! It's not as bad as you think I promise!

      Mina- Thanks hun

      Julisa- Thanks love, you should take some pics of yours!

    6. your welcome.. and yeaaaa... my tattoo is not looking cute at the moment lol.. i don't like how it came out.. long story.. but i'm gonna see if i can get it fixed soon.. then i will show u pics lol

    7. lol Julisa! I want to....
      maybe for m 21st birthday I will.

    8. Cool Art but Please re-post it bigger!

    9. That is the most creative tat I've seen in a while. It looks really good!