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    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    random post

    Since my "25 random things about me" post was deleted I decided maybe I should just start naming some random things just to give you all a little insight into who I am and what kinda stuff I like. Btw in case you're wondering, it's 3:27 AM and I'm posting and thats because I can't sleep when I'm home. When I was home for winter break I slept like 3 hours a night. I got so spoiled by my full size bed that I sleep in with the bf that sleeping alone in this twin size bed is pretty much impossible.


    I'm Puerto Rican. I don't think I've ever mentioned that before Rai asked me but yes, I'm latina. I dont speak fluent spanish only because I'm not comfortable with it. I understand it completely but I'm a Jersey girl, born and raised I don't feel the need to speak it. When people look at me they automatically assume that I'm Italian because of my looks.

    I have OCD. (for those who don't know it means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) it's highly induced by stress and anxiety so I'm not CRAZY! My case isn't severe at all, as a matter of fact I joke about it. I don't take meds or anything but little things definitely do bother me. For example, I cannot sleep in my bed unless it's made. I have made my bed with my boyfriend in it. I've definitely gotten up in the middle of the night and fixed my bed and then gone back to sleep. Yeah, it's weird. I also MUST sniff everything. Some smells bother me and if I have to associate myself with something it better have a pleasant smell or I wont touch it. Oh and GERMS omg. Ok so, I don't like public bathrooms, railings, saliva, sweat. UGH. My nephews are little boys so of course they always have stuff like paper or toys in their mouth and I FLIP out. It's crazy, i know. There are tons more things that cause me anxiety but I think what I listed pretty much narrows it down.

    Ignorant people really accept me. I like to think that I accept all kinds of people. I don't judge based on your past experiences or your problems. I don't even like to pass judgement at all but hey, I'm human. Everyone does it so I always pass judgement based on the truth, your personality. First impressions dont exist because I know for a fact that not everyone is feelin like themselves every single day so why should I assume that since So and So didn't smile when I introduced myself, she's a bitch? I like to wait it out, give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    I'm 5'1". I'm small. Please please please don't let this fool you. I'm not snotty or anything but simply put...don't f u c k with me or my loved ones. I have a temper that could be compared to SHE-HULK and I'm realrealreal overprotective over whats mine. I'm stubborn, what can I say? Guys in my high school used to call me BEAST cuz they know I don't play and they called me and a couple guys I hung out with BEAST SQUAD. My sister is 16 yrs old If you're over the age of 18 do not set your eyes on my little sister, I'll kill you. =D One time I punched a boy in the face because he made my best friend cry.

    Ok so I feel like some of that stuff was pretty intimidating but I promise I'm sweet. I take after my mom and i'm telling you, everyone loves my mom She is just so sweet and soooo funny. Speaking of which, I have an amazing relationship with my parents. I'm blessed. I have my dad's bad temper and my moms gentle heart. My family means the world to me. I'm pretty close to my bf's family too which is quite dangerous, I must say.

    I have an addiction to shopping. When I'm not shopping I am thinking of shopping or making ghost carts on forever21 or wetseal or gojane or I'm watching clothing hauls on youtube. It's a crazy obsession. Some of my other obsessions are, animal print (omg, it's sick how much I love animal print. Don't worry though I won't wear a full zebra outfit like I've seen on some trashy girls. If i'm wearing a colored outfit I like to throw in a little animal print to give it some life) Just because I love it doesn't mean I wear it everyday though. I just think its cute. Hence, my zebra phone case.

    I don't smoke, anything. I'm not against smokers at all. I'm a control freak if you haven't noticed so I know I can't smoke weed because I NEED to know what I'm doing and what is happening around me at all times. I'm not a weed-basher though. If you smoke, more power to you. Oh and cigarettes, i like how they smell when they're being smokes but afterwards they make my clothes smell bad so I'd rather not.

    I LOVEEEEE Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Hulk Hogan. Britney is a genius. I've liked her since she came out with her hoochie school girl outfit. DO NOT get me wrong, she is no role model but she completely reinvented herself and had the whole world thinking she was crazy when in fact, she had US all fooled. Hulk Hogan is my alltime favorite wrestler (I've watched wrestling since I was born, literally) If you're gonna do your Michael Bashing please do it elsewhere because I love him and I don't care what anyone says. His music changes my mood no matter how angry/sad I am. *moonwalks*

    I only have ONE real best friend.

    I love funny stuff. I enjoy all types of humor and kind find funny stuff out of anything. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. I especially love, dry humor, stand up comedy *(demetri martin), and funny lyrics. If you need ideas of some comedians to youtube hit me up.

    I drink on the occassion, mostly with my mom. Don't judge lol. I never get drunk though, we usually have a cup (or three) of Arbor Mist while we socialize . I never have, I'll save that for my 21st. When I'm not drinking with my mom I have the occasional Smirnoff with my bf. On New Years Eve I had a shot of tequila with my dad. He was so proud that I didn't vomit lol.

    Most of the time I blog and read blogs from my phone so I usually can't reply right away but please please, check back here cuz most of the time I write back underneath your comment.

    I've never been to Disneyworld or land =/ or anywhere else besides New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and PR. I've basically just been in the tri-state and Puerto Rico.

    I can drink an entire 2 liter of soda/ice tea/ orange juice in a day. I swear I drink sooo much, I'm always thirsty.

    I don't chew gum or eat candy. Gum makes my gag reflexes act up and idk, candy has never been my thing. I OCCASIONALLY will have a snickers or reeses.

    I feel like I made this way to long so I'll end it here but if you have any random questions I'd LOVE to answer them.

    Let me TRY to sleep.



    1. lol girl why do i have the SAME obsession with making my bed before i sleep in it! lmao i can wake up and just leave it like it is but when it's time to get IN it, i MUST make it before i lay down. so...

      *michael jackson voice*

      you are not alooooone...


    2. I can't stand smoking, any form of it. Ew! =[
      Gotta love those Reeses!

    3. i love reading your long blogs. I've always loved Brittney Spears too. I have a minor case of OCD too, when I go to bed at night my closet door has to be exactly an inch open so I can sleep, and it has to be cold. I'll have the fan on even when it's 30 degrees outside! I'm always thirsty too... lol

    4. Ahah Britney Spears rules the world for shiiiiz! theres nothing i love more than a bit of vintage Britney

      and demetri martin is a god, my boyfriend introduced him to me on youtube and i think i acutally peed myself a little