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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Miss Yaya's Dollie Makeup Contest

    My first Contest AHHHHHH. Keep in mind I'm a newbie.

    My inspiration:

    I loveeee batman so when I saw this I figured...why not.

    The look:

    What I used:

    Urban decay Primer Potion, Various yellows from my 120 palette, liquid liner, XXL mascara, and NYC Natural False lashes (they do not look natural at all)

    So there it is, my first contest entry. Wish me luck and be honest with me, tell me what you think.



    1. Oooh this is awesome!! And how creative!!
      You didn't do the normal doll look!

      If you want natural lashes, you have to get HUMAN HAIR LASHES! lol

      GOOD LUCK! I think I'll be having a contest, again. Hope you enter. :]

    2. lol i knowww Rai but what I'm saying is that the box said that the lashes were "natural" as in Natural looking but they look pretty dramatic to me. I'd def do your contest Rai so you should have another one! Go vote for me!

    3. I know what you mean though, I have that pair! lol But I just voted for ya! ;]

      I just read your comment on my CBOX, give me an e-mail about NYX! I wasn't sure if you're worried about the shipping price or shipping of your package.

    4. Wow, fantastic job! I love it :).