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    Saturday, May 2, 2009


    May is always a crazy ass month for me. Here's why

    May 4- 8 = Finals
    May 10= Mothers day!
    May 13= Move out day
    May 14= Danny's birthday
    May 16th= Me and Danny's anniversary
    May 24= my best friends birthday
    May 25= Vacation to Florida

    I don't know if I'll even have time for a break.I need gift ideas guys. For mothers day, danny's birthday, our anniversary and my best friends birthday. Pleasepleaseplease leave me some suggestions.

    What are some of you guys getting your moms for mothers day? My mom is difficult, she's definitely not a typical mom. She doesn't really wear makeup, she has all the perfumes she likes, she never ever has time to go to a salon and whenever we get her a gift card she uses it on someone else. I wanna give her something she'll really enjoy. GAH!

    As far as birthdays and anniversarys, feel free to leave me suggestions for those too.

    I hope you ladies are having an awesome weekend <3


    1. Ahaha. We are kind of in the same boat.
      My beau's b'day May 7th.
      I have nooo idea what to get him or Mom.
      Jinkies...I want it to be really nice for them.

    2. Maybe you should go really original for your mom. Like flowers, a home made (or really fabulous) card, and breakfast in bed. It's affordable, and I'm sure she'll love it! =D

    3. wtf.. i've been so concentrated on my friends bday which is may 10th that i completely forgot about mothers day lol
      i hate buying gifts.. its soo hard! especially if you're on a tight budget

      and ooo where in florida are u going

    4. thanks for the advice guys. I hate buying gifts too ughhhhh. I'm going to ft lauderdale.

    5. aww busy body u!
      have fun..good luck and dont over do urself..
      take a lil bit of "me time" or get that takin care of as soon as ur done with all of ur missions

    6. i just bought my mom jewelry lol