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    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Oh lordy lordy

    Okay so in the midst of all this chaos I forgot to mention, I ordered myself a blackberry! So if you have one, email me you're BBM pin and I'll request you. My email is

    Things have taken a turn for the best I guess you can say.

    1st- me and Danny have decided to stay together and try to work things out and make some major changes.

    2nd- I may not be getting kicked out of school! My grades were good this semester and even though they're having some issues I think God is gonna help me out in this one.

    3rd- I've been out this entire week with friends. it feels so good to just be, me.

    I'm just loving life right now and I'm just sooooo thankful for all the blessings God gave me, pretty much overnight. I was miserable and I felt like things couldn't get worse and when I woke up yesterday morning everything was different.

    Thank you so much to ALL my subscribers, even my new ones for the great support. You all are just so amazing and I appreciate each and everyone. If I haven't followed you yet its because I usually blog from my old phone and it doesnt let me click certain links but I believe the blackberry will so I'll get to it when it gets here.

    I leave for Florida in a few days so I have to get ready and pack.

    I feel like I'm on top of the world.

    P.S- It feels good to get all of this personal stuff off my chest so I'm thinking of doing what Julisa did and adding a personal blog and keeping this one exclusively for fashion and makeup (which I know I've slacked on BIG TIME! sorry =/) If you think I should let me know. Leavee me some love.


    1. Lucky you, I need a new phone.

      So you guys are working it out. Good luck!
      He's not going to change over night, so don't expect it. But day by day, hopefully you will see. If not... I would let it go.

      And you should do the personal blog, I just might too... I'm not sure.

    2. I am so happy that you and your boyfriend decided to try to work things out. I'm sure everything will go perfectly for you. Cool, blackberry! Lol. =D

    3. oops. soooo... i commented on your break-up post before i read this one lmao sorry i like to read things in the order they were posted. good luck w/ working it out tho! :)