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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009


    Has anyone been on vacation or on a plane lately? I 'm only taking a carry-on bag with me to florida but I'm scared because my makeup bag will be in there along with my 120 pallete...Anyone know if makeup is allowed on carryon?



    1. I haven't been on a plane since I came back to the states. LMAO!

      But Air Lines have changed so much.
      Everything freaking costs, can't take this.. can't bring that.
      But makeup [the palette] isn't the issue.
      It's the liquid stuff they started being paranoid over. Hope that helps!

    2. Your palette will be fine, but your liquid make up items, they might trip about. It has to be bagged and not over 3-5oz. But it should be fine.

    3. Thanks for showing the blog some love =] Really appreciate it. Glad to hear everything is working out for you and hope you enjoy your much needed vaycay!!!

    4. Everything that's pressed powder is fine - make sure to wrap it in clothes or bubble wrap so that nothing cracks!