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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009


    My my have I been slacking. I've lost my blogger inspiration =/

    Today is the BF's birthday and I still haven't gotten him anything. He is the worst person to shop for gifts for ugh. Saturday is our anniversary too so there's another gift I have to shop for. BLAH

    I moved out of school. Back home with the fam.

    I depotted my UDPP for the first time yesterday. I cannot believe how much primer is left in the bottle. Psh, ripoff.

    I'm not doing too well, life wise but I'm not gonna make this blog personal. Pray for me guys, I need it.


    1. i've been slackin lately too.. i'm not so excited to blog anymore =[

      i haaate last min. shopping.. soo stressful
      goodluck! lol

      omG i know.. when i cut open the UDPP bottle for the first time i was soo mad that i threw the last 1 out lol... its crazy how much is left in there!

      i hope u feel better!<3
      and if u need someone to talk to u can always email me

    2. Thanks girl ur the best. Do you have aim? If you have aim send it to my email its If not, well now u have my email haha. oh and I really think you should get a twitter account lol

    3. I hate shopping for males, it's too hard.

      Aww, hope you get through whatever is going on.

    4. ur in my prayers mama..
      and do somethin simple but tie a bow around urself and give urself to him as his present lol...

    5. men are so hard to shop for.
      my bf, a man with everything it seems
      is uber hard to buy I gotta get creative.
      one year for christmas I bought a few small presents and made him a treasure hunt.
      favourite pictures of each other framed..
      ooh and the lingerie thing is a typical last resort.
      or cologne!