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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Shitty People.

    Thanks for all the love and support ladies. Yesterday was his birthday, I asked him what he wanted and he said workout equipment. I got him weights and I could see the disappointment in his eyes. Whatever, cant please everyone right? If he was expecting something else he shouldve been more specific.

    Tomorrow is our anniversary. As you can see I'm not too excited. Idk.

    Anyway, I went out with my two friends from elementry school yesterday. I missed them. We had so much fun. I barely remember what it's like to hang out with girls but it was great and I really hope we do it more. I need more GIRL friends.

    I cant possible sit home all summer. It's depressing. I need a summer job.

    I'm in a bad mood so I'm gonna rant as much as I don't like to make this blog personal. What the hell right?

    I think I'm an amazing friend. I hate to sound cocky but hey, I give credit where credit is due. It doesnt matter what time of day it is if you need me I'm there. I've been known to be the first to know about pregnancies, life changing events, relationship know...all that good stuff because people feel like they can trust me, which I love. I've been known to fix relationships, bring people together, leave my house at 3am just to help a friend. What bothers me is....why can't that ever be reciprocated. My friends are only interested in my life when it can benefit them. Have you ever had this happen?

    Shitty Friend: Hey whatsup, what are you doing today?
    Me: Nothing I'm free, wanna chill?
    Shitty Friend: Actually I was gonna ask if you wanted to come with me to wash clothes cuz I don't wanna go alone.

    True story guys. I'm going through a lot of shit in my life I just need a friend to talk to and I have no one to turn to because everyone is so wrapped up in their new boyfriend or their job and things like that which is fine but I have things going on in my life too and I make time for everyone.

    I have a lot of shitty people in my life.


    1. Ah. Cheer up Buttercup =].
      You have to be careful, some people just
      get use to getting and never giving in a
      I know what you mean about needing something
      to do. It will help I'm sure.

    2. Aw man, why didn't he like your gift? I sure need some weights for myself. Lol. I wouldn't have been so excited for my anniversary after that either... I love it when you make your blogs personal. It lets me know that I'm no the only one going through the same shit (for example shitty friends...). But I'm here for you, like a pen pal! Lol! =D

    3. aww hun,

      I understand. I have a good bf... but i noticed all my friends have gone away..

      I have so much shitty friends ppl who call me ONLY when they need something..

      If you wanna talk my emails on my blog :)