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    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Blogging from Flo-rida

    Hi guys! I've neglected my blog. I just wanted to remind you all that I lovelovelove you all. Florida is good and I hope you're all enjoying your week.

    If you haven't already please get Twitter, I have a twitter application on my blackberry so it's so much easier to use and it's become like my AIM. I was very anti- twitter before but I love it now. Consider it bloggers I would love to speak to you guys on twitter.

    Well, just wanted to do a quick update Here are some new/exciting things

    -My hair is now strawberry blonde
    -I'm going to Miami ink tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a tat
    -I finally had sonic
    - I am in love with my blackberry curve.
    -The boyfriend and I are doing much better. This time apart stuff really works
    -I have so many goals for the summer
    -I've decided to make a personal blog! yay!

    If you decided to create a twitter account add me my link is



    1. It's good to hear that everything is working out for you!

      Miami Ink sounds like fun, is it your first tattoo?

      Hope to hear more about your trip soon!

    2. Lucky you! Hope you're having fun in Florida.

      And I'm so Anti-Twitter! LMFAO!

    3. Get a tattoo of a musical note, Miss Elegance. It's classy... right?