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    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    My new baby and random other pics

    This is it immediately after it was done. All gross and swollen looking lol.

    Three days after.

    Random Pics:

    I don't have much of an update today. Just wanted to show my blog some love. I need a joooob!
    To answer Rai's question. I have no idea! Any suggestions?


    1. OOOH YOU GOT A TAT! So cute! Did it hurt?

      You look so pretty in the photos.
      lol. Still no clue, huh?
      I need a job, too. =[ I'm trying to find one.

    2. Have you lightened your hair since doing Whit's contest? I couldn't tell if it's just the lighting or if you actually colored it. Anyway I absolutely love the color.

    3. Your tattoo is cute. Did you get it done at Miami Ink?