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    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Despite it all

    I've been really really sick. I had some type of flu (don't worry it's not swine) and now it seems that I have bronchitis. I mean, I've been bad, sore throat, high fevers, loss of appetite.

    Despite it all I feel amazing right now.

    Went out with my girls today, didn't buy anything, just walked around the mall and talked in the food court. It's always a good day with them I truly am thankful for them.

    Right now I feel like I'm on top of the world. It's on of those nights. I feel like everything is gonna be okay.

    Okay, enough with that. I'm broke, I need a job and of course when I'm broke I wanna buy everythannnnggg. Here's my list.


    Okay ladies, see this gray short sleeve cardigan, i want one in hot pink. I saw a girl with one on today and I fell in love. PLEASE HELP! Where can i find one? I've checked F21 and Wetseal and Gojane and no luck! I want it to look exactly like the one in the pic. I asked her where she got it from and she was being a little hooch and didnt wanna tell me. Threatened much?






    How cute is this? It's a necklace holder!
    Of course there's so much more but these are just the essentials for me right now. Ahh. I need to shop.
    I know I still owe you guys haul pics and pics from Miami, little by little ladies, little by little I promise.
    OMG I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION: My friend lent me Gossip Girl season 1 on dvd the other day. I watched it all. I'm obsessed. Gonna watch season 2 online now. I understand why you girls love it so much!!!!!!!!!! Team Blaire!!


    1. I want to go shopping, too. =[
      lol. But I'm in need of a job.


    2. I want a jean vest too. lol